Lifeline - Emergency Response System

Philips’ new mobile personal response system, GoSafe, connects you to help both in the home and on the go. Easy to use, the GoSafe pendant provides two-way voice communication to alert multiple contacts when you need help.

Philips Lifeline Gives You the Confidence to Be Independent

  • GoSafe can automatically call for help if a fall is detected and you are unable to push the help button.
  • The system has six different locating technologies that can signal for help no matter where you are- at home, shopping or on vacation.
  • You will get prompt, caring assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Types of GoSafe Mobile Systems

1. GoSafe Mobile Help Button for Landline Phones: Purchase Help Button: $149.00, Landline Monitoring Fee is $54.95 a month.

2. GoSafe Mobile Help Button for (Wireless): For homes without a landline, pendant/wristband will connect using cellular data. Purchase Help Button: $149.00, Cellular Monitoring Fee is $69.95 per month.

3. GoSafe 2 Mobile (for subscribers who have good cell coverage): Purchase Help Button: $99.95, Cellular Monitoring Fee is $49.95 per month.

When new subscribers call, they should use the number that is on all literature: 1-800-242-1306, ext. 4672. The response at this extension will say “MaineHealth Care at Home.”

Subscribers will be asked to provide the ME027 code located on the back of our brochures. Various coupons are available for free activation.

Other Personal Response Systems by Philips Lifeline

For Landline Phones: Lifeline monitoring fees are $29.95 per month for standard push button service, and $44.95 per month for Auto Alert (fall detector) services.

For Those Without a Landline: HomeSafe Wireless utilizes cellular service to connect the system. Fees are $43.95 per month for standard push button service and $58.95 per month with Homesafe Wireless AutoAlert (fall detector) services

Installation over the phone is free. There is a shipping and handling charge of $19.95. If the subscriber wishes to have a Philips Lifeline Representative install the equipment, it is a $99.00 installation fee, which includes the shipping and handling.

The subscriber will receive a phone call from Philips Lifeline “MaineHealth Care at Home” within 24 hours of referral.

For More Information

Want to find out more about GoSafe or other Philips Lifeline Emergency Response Systems? Please call our Lifeline Coordinator at 207-205-5762

Disclosure Statement

MaineHealth Care at Home receives financial renumeration as a result of its contractual relationship with Philips Lifeline, a producer and distributor of personal emergency response systems.

Lifeline is a Real Life Saver

Please call us to learn more about GoSafe or other Philips Lifeline Emergency Response Systems.