Pediatric Palliative Care at Home

MaineHealth Care at Home provides pediatric palliative care to young patients with serious illnesses. Our experienced pediatric nurses, rehabilitation therapists and social workers partner with your child’s doctor to offer the right care and services in the comfort of home.

What is pediatric palliative care?

Pediatric palliative care is giving care and comfort to children who are medically fragile and support to the family members. Palliative care is a growing healthcare specialty that focuses on quality of life for the patient. We do this by helping to relieve pain and lessen the stress of serious illness

Who can receive pediatric palliative care at home?

Young patients receiving pediatric palliative care have serious illness. A young patient does not need to have a terminal diagnosis to receive care and can receive palliative care along with curative treatment.

MaineHealth Care at Home provides home-based palliative care for children that:

  • Reduces the severity of disease symptoms
  • Promotes effective pain management
  • Matches treatment plans with patient/family goals
  • Aims for the best possible quality of life.

For more information on pediatric palliative care at home

For more information, contact MaineHealth Care at Home at 1-800-660-4867.

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