Emily Mackenzie

A little more than a year ago, Emily Mackenzie was decorating the family Christmas tree and needed to access a stepladder in order to reach the top. She remembers going to retrieve the ladder from a nearby closet that had a floor hatch to the basement below. Emily does not recall the moment when she stumbled and fell through the hatch, striking her head on the basement’s granite foundation stones and losing consciousness.

Her husband Dick had to relay many parts of her story, as they are no longer part of her memory. He called 911 for help and first responders struggled to reach and remove her as quickly as possible. Emily was rushed to the ER on the LincolnHealth campus in Damariscotta. Once stabilized she was flown to Maine Medical Center where her care team was waiting and fully informed about her patient status and health background, thanks to shared electronic health records that all MaineHealth providers have access to. Dick explained that, “it was really comforting not to have to explain what Emily needed or what had happened to her over and over again. Her entire team was able to verify and support our own memories which were affected by both the trauma and the stress of the situation.”

After weeks of care and therapy, Emily was able to return home. Her follow-up care continued with the support of her Primary Care Provider Dr. Eric Worthing and MaineHealth Care at Home services. “They helped both of us remain fit and maintain our positive outlook, said Dick, “everyone did a wonderful job.”

Almost a year later, Emily has returned to teaching the same Aerobic Dance class that she has been involved with for more than 40 years! An active Board Member on the Damariscotta River Association, Emily is able to continue dedicating herself to the preservation and growth of the natural areas she is so passionate about.