John "Kenny" Kramer

John “Kenny” Kramer is the kind of guy who just doesn’t stop moving. He’s always out fishing, golfing, and taking care of his lake property in Sanford, and all those around him. A living example of the quintessential Maine lifestyle, Kenny never had any major health issues to speak of before the incident. Yet, after carrying ten 40-pound bags of wood pellets into his shed, he collapsed at the kitchen sink.

Almost immediately, Kenny regained consciousness. But his wife—very wisely—arranged an ambulance to the Southern Maine Health Care Emergency Department for a CT scan. And once the scan once complete, Dr. Sarah Shepherd determined Kenny was suffering from a large, ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, at which point he was airlifted to Maine Medical Center for emergency surgery led by Dr. Paul Bloch. In other words: Kenny had an enlarged blockage in his abdomen that was preventing crucial blood flow, and it needed attention right away.

The surgery at Maine Medical Center saved Kenny’s life. The next morning, he was on his way home, and within a month he was back to walking two miles a day. And you better believe he’s taking care of those lake properties, too.

“I had no symptoms whatsoever,” he says. “I remember going to the ED in Sanford, and that’s about it until I spoke with Dr. Bloch at MMC. The coordination between the care teams was wonderful.”