Roger Torrey

Roger has always worked with his hands, building everything from tables to birdhouses. Then one evening, his right side went numb. Suspecting a stroke, his son called 911. They quickly went to Waldo County General Hospital, which is part of the MaineHealth TeleStroke network. Acting fast, his local ER doctor consulted remotely with neurology experts at Maine Medical Center, and began treatment that led to a quick recovery.

Telestroke is a way for specially trained doctors from one hospital to evaluate, diagnose and make a treatment plan for stroke patients when a stoke expert is not available at their local hospital. A Telestroke consult uses a two-way audio-video system to connect you, your loved one and your emergency department (ED) care team with a neurological stroke expert at another hospital.

While an early prognosis said he’d be unable to walk up stairs, Roger is now walking two miles a day and focused on the road ahead. This is how a network of care saves lives, and helped Roger carve out a new life.