Tim Rosenberg

Tim Rosenberg’s family has a history of heart disease, so he was careful to have treadmill checks every five hears to keep ahead of any issues. During his most recent test, his provider Dr. William L. Medd of Western Maine Primary Care noticed an oddity. Tim was referred to cardiac specialists at Maine Medical Center, including Dr. Scott Buchanan of Maine Medical Partners Cardiothoracic Surgery and Maine Medical Center’s heart valve clinic, who performed more tests. Though the tests were inconclusive, Dr. Medd continued to push forward, intuitively suspecting that something was amiss. Cardiac surgery was recommended and scheduled.

During bypass surgery at MMC it was determined that Tim had over 90% blockage. His surgery was done 3 years ago at Thanksgiving. Today he feels great and is a happy, healthy retiree who is free to enjoy long distance road trips on his motorcycle. He has a trip to Michigan planned this summer and he says that "he can do anything." He also skis and enjoys the outdoors, cuts his own wood and walks daily. His follow up care involves seeing his cardiologist once a year and seeing Dr. Medd every six months.