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Maine Nonprofit Corporation Act

Executive and Trustee Disclosures

In accordance with Chapter 7 of the Maine Nonprofit Corporation Act, we are disclosing the compensation paid by the corporation to any director or officer of the corporation for whom the salary plus benefits exceeded $250,000 for the last reporting period.

MaineHealth Corporate Total Benefits Salary
William J. Caron, Jr
$1,335,834 $160,862 $1,174,972
Albert G. Swallow, III
Executive Vice President and Treasurer
$712,999 $112,175 $600,824
Robert Frank, Esq. 
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
$491,357 $68,766 $422,591
Mark Harris
Senior Vice President Planning
$393,958 $69,210 $324,748
Deborah Deatrick
Senior Vice President Community Health
$333,110 $89,639 $243,471
Joan Boomsma, MD
Chief Medical Officer
$253,822 $30,342 $223,480