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Community Health Needs Assessment

Beginning in February 2016, the Franklin Memorial Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) planning committee conducted specific and purposeful community outreach, both large and small forums and focused interviews, to review the region’s data and health indicators and to identify priority health needs. Feedback culminated with a very well attended CHNA public forum that took place on March 17 in Jay, where the public and other attendees representing health care, social service agencies, municipalities, businesses, and schools convened to contribute ideas, perspectives, and set community health priorities. A highlight of the forum was nationally renowned keynote speaker Dr. Donna Beegle who talked about her experiences in poverty and overcoming them, and how sensitivity to “poverty” language and mentoring through the “Opportunity Model” can make a meaningful difference to those living and moving out of poverty. Three key priorities surfaced through the CHNA process: poverty, access/connectivity, and obesity. Other areas of concern were transportation, physical activity, nutrition, and substance abuse. Since then the hospital has created a 3-year implementation strategy to address priority issues in collaboration with community partners.

2016 Community Health Needs Assessment (pdf)

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment (pdf)