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Teaching Conferences

The following Teaching Conferences are a vital part of our training program:

  • Morning Report is a definite favorite among residents and faculty is a one-hour conference held four days per week in Internal Medicine and in Pediatrics. Residents discuss current cases and focus on differential diagnosis, evaluation, management, and cost-effective decision-making. Many generalists and specialists also attend morning report, lending their expertise.
  • Intern Report is a conference aimed at improving interns' presentation and clinical decision-making skills, is led by the chief residents twice each month in Internal Medicine.
  • Work Rounds are conducted daily on the Internal Medicine and the Pediatric inpatient teams and are led by the senior residents.
  • Attending Rounds occur four days per week and incorporate a blend of bed-side teaching and didactic sessions.
  • Grand Rounds are held once weekly in both Internal Medicine and in Pediatrics. These conferences bring together a wide academic and community provider population. MMC attracts local, national, and international speakers. Topics are applicable to both primary care and subspecialty medicine. Dedicated Med-Peds Grand Rounds occur quarterly.
  • Morbidity and Mortality Conference occurs once each month in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. These conferences are centered on clinical pathology case presentations and quality improvement. Program and systems improvements that result from these conferences are tracked. Pediatric palliative care conferences occur four times per year in lieu of Pediatric M&M.
  • Evidence-Based Report is held twice each month in Internal Medicine and once a month in Pediatrics. Med-Peds residents are expected to present at these sessions once during their PGY2, PGY3, and PGY4 years. In addition, quarterly Med-Peds Journal Clubs are held in the evenings. These sessions allow residents to perfect their critical appraisal of literature.
  • The Internal Medicine Didactics occurs every Friday afternoon for two and a half hours, providing a carefully selected curriculum of primary care and subspecialty topics. Topics focus on pertinent medical management issues that are likely to come up while on the medical/subspecialty rotations. Incorporated into this curriculum are cross-disciplinary conferences such as Med-Psych, ethics, medico-legal issues, and adolescent medicine.
  • Pediatric Didactics occur every Thursday morning for two hours and are led by Pediatric generalists and specialists. An 18-month curriculum is presented during this lecture series where the focus is on case-based presentations covering the breadth of pediatrics. Click here to see the Pediatric Teaching Schedule.
  • The Pediatric Primary Care Series occurs once per month and is based on the Yale Primary Care Pediatric Curriculum. The series reviews fundamental primary care issues such as health supervision, vaccinations, nutrition, and scoliosis.
  • Internal Medicine-Pediatric Board Review Sessions occur once each week. Each of our residents is responsible for running one-month's worth of sessions, choosing both the topics and the venue in which to review them.
  • Cross-Disciplinary Conferences on ethics, adolescent medicine, medical-legal issues, palliative care, med-psych, global health, and cultural competency are included as part of a cross-departmental curriculum organized cooperatively by the residencies at MMC.