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Interested in joining the Aid? Contact us today! Phone: 207-301-6707. 


Waldo County General Hospital is fortunate to be part of a vibrant, caring community, volunteering time, energy and financial resources in so many ways.


Are you interested in volunteering at Waldo County General Hospital? Download our volunteer application today. 

Volunteer Opportunities

The Hospital Aid is a group of local citizens who pay a small membership fee to belong to this organization that supports the hospital. Members can choose their level of involvement by actively volunteering at the hospital, crafting items for the gift shop or simply attending monthly meetings. The Aid elects a Board of Directors to oversee the hospital volunteers and to plan meetings and events.

If you are interested in other volunteer opportunities, please call at 207-301-8552. 

We join in the belief that the health and welfare of the community is our concern. We feel that we can help in many ways by:

  • Holding monthly meetings on healthcare topics
  • Learning the facts about our hospital and interpreting them to the public
  • Performing extra services for our patients – trying to bring them comfort and cheer
  • Performing tasks that will lighten the load of the professional staff members in order to release them for work, which only they are trained to do
  • Raising funds for equipment and the operation of the hospital.
  • Assisting in central registration
  • Baking for events
  • Delivering flowers and mail
  • Making crafts for the gift shop, raffles, and tray favors for patients
  • Operating the hospital gift shop
  • Performing errands and office duties for departments
  • Transporting patients
  • Working on health clinics
  • Volunteering at fundraising events
To become part of our wonderful group of Aid members, please call 207-301-8552 for an application, give your name and address or email us at A membership fee of $15 per year is required which assures that you are notified of all Aid events and receive the hospital’s newsletter.

Who can volunteer?

Our volunteers are people with a desire to help others, a professional attitude and a willingness to learn new things. Waldo County General Hospital’s volunteer program welcomes men and women over the age of 18. Most volunteers donate 4-6 hours a day once or twice a month. Lunch is provided to each volunteer working at least four hours in a day. 

What is the first step?

To become a volunteer or to join the Hospital Aid, our auxiliary group, please call 207-301-8552 for an application, give your name and address or email us at A membership fee of $15 per year is required to join the Hospital Aid, which assures that you are notified of all Aid events and receive the hospital’s newsletter.

What does training consist of?

Once your completed application is received, your references will be checked, a background screening will be done, and you will be scheduled for an interview with the Regional Director of Volunteer Services. A packet of information about the Aid and the opportunities for volunteers will be given to you. If you desire to work in the hospital, you are scheduled to attend a mandatory inservice training session (MID) which familiarizes you with the safety, infection control and confidentiality policies and procedures at the hospital. You are also required to have a lab screening to test for immunity to tuberculosis, mumps and measles. The test is provided at no cost to you by the hospital. After your MID is completed, a committee chairperson will contact you about volunteering in the areas that you have chosen and will provide a tour of the hospital, a name tag, a volunteer jacket and job training. If you only work on events outside of the hospital, you do not have to undergo training.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

While volunteers offer their services free of charge to WCGH, they do receive many benefits. They have a chance to learn new skills while making new friends and developing new interests. The Aid has monthly membership meetings from September-May with a featured speaker from the hospital staff or community on a healthcare topic, which is very educational. Some meetings are purely for fun such as an auction, a recognition coffee and an annual meeting where members receive an award for reaching a milestone of volunteer hours. All volunteers are invited to the annual meeting.