Strategic Plan

MaineHealth’s 2016-18 strategic plan sets our system-level course and outlines the strategic priorities that support our health system’s commitment to the people and communities we serve. This plan outlines our common goals, provides strategic direction, and helps build even closer partnerships across the MaineHealth system in support of our shared vision of working together so our communities are the healthiest in America.

MaineHealth 2016-18 Strategic Plan

Learn more about our course over the next three years as we work together toward common goals.

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Strategic Priorities

The following six strategic priorities form the foundation for our efforts and determine our system's strategic direction.

Population Health

MaineHealth’s commitment to improving the health of the population we serve differentiates the system from other provider organizations and forms the basis for innovative programs and initiatives that measurably improve the health status of individuals and communities. The system’s conceptual framework for population health acknowledges the impact of community and environment, behaviors, and policy in addition to clinical care. This perspective has resulted in numerous successes in achieving positive outcomes over time and supports the engagement of partners in the public and private sectors who share our values and common health status improvement goals.

Statement of Intent
MaineHealth will continue to lead in the development of initiatives and services to promote the improvement of health among the population of our service area, as well as specific populations of interest, through the achievement of targets in our health index priorities.

  • Assure that MaineHealth is prepared to lead the system’s population health efforts and support system organizations in their efforts to improve population health.
  • Assure that all MaineHealth organizations accept accountability for improving the health of the populations they serve.
  • Integrate population health strategies, targets, and performance measures into service line development, Patient Centered Medical Home, Accountable Care and other system-wide strategic initiatives.
  • Examine current funding approaches for population health and determine effective strategies to maintain and expand funding.
  • Expand partnerships to achieve shared population health improvement outcomes.

Local Health System Transformation

The challenges facing local health care delivery sustainability is forcing a renewed commitment to a) innovation, and b) an examination of community needs and wants as well as the ability of our local health systems to meet them. Balanced by budget and payment constraints, local health systems must prepare for, and make investments in, a transformational shift to an even greater focus on primary care; a reduced focus on hospital-based care; a consideration of what components of service lines will be delivered at the local level; and a refinement of post- acute services to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Statement of Intent
MaineHealth will lead the transformation of our local healthcare systems, recognizing the unique challenges facing each of our organizations, to ensure that every patient receives the same standard of care and care options, and that the communities we serve have access to a best-in- class, and an affordable continuum of coordinated primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare now and in the future.

  • Systematically assess the viability of healthcare services offered in each local service area and define a core set of services for ongoing growth and investment, built upon a robust foundation of primary and post- acute care.
  • In support of the guidance provided by the Governance & Structure Committee and in conjunction with system service line and regional clinical planning, create linkages and opportunities for shared investment at a system and/or regional level.
  • Pursue partnerships with payer and purchaser organizations that support our efforts to transform our local systems of care.
  • Develop the clinical and financial governance or management capabilities required to implement change.
  • Develop our Accountable Care Organization (ACO) network to be the “partner of choice” for independent primary, behavioral health, and specialty physicians, and long-term care providers in each local community.
  • Develop and sustain new partnerships with community and social service organizations to bridge health and social service care needs of our patients in local communities.

Provider Alignment

Health systems across the country recognize the quality and patient experience improvements, physician and provider satisfaction, and cost reductions that can result from aligned and engaged providers and physicians. For some, alignment is in the form of incentives with no structural interdependencies. For others, alignment is a fully integrated, employed medical group. MaineHealth recognizes the value in continued relationships with all partners willing to work together to improve the health of the population. The system also recognizes the value of a system-wide medical group’s potential in achieving the tenets of the Triple Aim where provider and physician satisfaction and engagement are key components.

Statements of Intent

MaineHealth will continue to partner and strengthen our relationships with all healthcare organizations and physicians who share our Vision and are willing to work with us to help achieve our Mission.

  • Restructure our Accountable Care Organization activities and PHO to encourage the engagement of independent physician practices in governance and operations.
  • Explore clinical program development opportunities and improvements in clinical service delivery.

MaineHealth will create a physician-led process that will build the framework and infrastructure required to develop a system-wide, multi- specialty group practice for activation within the next three to five years to enhance our success in achieving the tenets of the Triple Aim.    

  • Form a medical group leadership council, consisting of physician/ administrator dyads from each of the employed medical groups to guide strategy.
  • Conduct a cultural and structural assessment for each employed medical group to highlight and compare/contrast similarities and differences.
  • In support of the infrastructure goals in previous plans, implement SeHR and a common practice management system for all employed practices.
  • In support of the recommendation of the Governance and Structure Committee, explore the development of, and implement where appropriate, consolidated employed specialty groups within the system- wide service line operating structures.
  • Explore, and implement where appropriate, medical group consolidation in regional geographic areas.

Quality Improvement

The delivery of high quality healthcare is at the very core of our health system’s mission. And, the principles of quality improvement are central to the provision of consistently efficient and effective care that exceeds the expectations of patients and their families. We are committed to performance measurement, public reporting of the results of those measurements and continual action to correct deficiencies. The MaineHealth system and it's partners must set the standard for the delivery of high quality, safe, effective and patient-centered care, and must continue to build on our capabilities in evidence-based improvement methodologies that focus on the achievement of outcomes that enhance health and the patient experience. 

Statement of Intent
MaineHealth will achieve top decile performance in nationally benchmarked quality, patient safety and patient experience measures.

  • The MaineHealth Board Quality Committee will periodically establish system-wide performance improvement priorities that are specific, well- defined, measurable, actionable, relevant to the Triple Aim, applicable to, and endorsed by all MaineHealth organizations, and we will hold ourselves accountable for the achievement of these priorities.
  • Assess the resources required to achieve top decile performance and ensure the effective and efficient allocation of those resources both centrally and locally for success in achieving the MaineHealth system-wide performance improvement priorities (quality, patient safety, cost reduction, and patient experience).
  • Accelerate the deployment of training, tools and expert support to all MaineHealth organizations in adoption of continuous performance improvement methodologies (Operational Excellence).
  • Develop a system-wide plan for improving patient experience in all care settings, utilizing proven methodologies to train staff in applying proven techniques and secure the infrastructure necessary to support this plan.
  • Support the continued evolution of the MaineHealth Center for Performance Improvement as a system-wide resource to efficiently and effectively support performance improvement.

Payment Reform and Price Transparency

Payment reform and price transparency are both a means to an end. As the healthcare delivery system undergoes redesign to better meet the goals of the Triple Aim, it has become clear that real progress will require better alignment of the healthcare financing system with those goals.

Both governmental and private payers are rapidly moving toward payment models that require provider systems to take financial risk for their financial and quality performance. These payment models require providers to develop the capabilities that support population health management and improved quality performance for their patient panels and the larger populations they serve. The development of these capabilities requires investments in data and analytics, in delivery system redesign, and in connectivity among providers.

Statement of Intent

MaineHealth will develop and maintain contracts and pricing structures that support our mission to provide healthcare services for all – regardless of ability to pay – and will embrace payment models that align with the Triple Aim by engaging in contracts that hold our system accountable for performance on cost, quality and patient experience.

  • Identify key capabilities of successful ACOs and define “tests of readiness” to measure MaineHealth’s progress toward each. Develop plans to address identified gaps.
  • Develop the capacity to collect and analyze data necessary to maximize performance on population health contracts, and the capability to integrate the use of such data in daily practice management in both primary and specialty care.
  • Identify and implement opportunities to maximize performance on risk- based quality and patient experience measures.
  • Seek opportunities to meet the Triple Aim by improving the cost and effectiveness of our delivery system through the development and implementation of a multi-year plan to improve the quality and efficiency of our services system-wide while maintaining financial viability.
  • Promote public access to information about MaineHealth clinicians and services and the price and quality of our services that is necessary for patients to make informed choices.

Workforce Engagement and Development

Recognizing the particular connection in healthcare between an “engaged” workforce and positive clinical and financial outcomes, MaineHealth will continue its investment and focus on engagement of all employees throughout our healthcare system. Establishing a culture of engagement is particularly urgent, given alarmingly high rates of projected nurse and physician retirement in the next five years. Engaged healthcare teams have higher rates of productivity, they are motivated to “go above and beyond” to deliver excellent service and they have higher rates of retention and attract new personnel who share these values. All of these factors combine to drive higher quality outcomes, a more loyal patient base, and long term sustainability and growth.

Statement of Intent
MaineHealth will rank among the nation’s top 25th percentile in system-wide employee engagement as measured by the Advisory Board.

  • Develop a common set of system-wide Values, and align the vision statements across our member organizations that will serve as guideposts for how we engage with our patients, our colleagues, and our broader communities.
  • Launch a leadership development program for all MaineHealth leaders that is aligned with our Core Values, focuses on leadership skills that not only assist with employee engagement, but equips and supports leaders with both the technical skills and inspiration to lead.
  • Incorporate assessment of employee engagement into the performance review program for all leaders across all MaineHealth organizations.
  • Mitigate the impact of pending labor shortages and provide career growth opportunity for personnel by developing programs and strategies that enable seamless deployment of personnel throughout MaineHealth, both within and across organizations.
  • Develop and support a system-wide strategy to address projected RN and physician workforce retirements and continue to develop a retention strategy for current clinical staff.

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