Evergreen Behavioral Services

Formed in 1994 to address a community-identified need for expanded mental health services for Franklin County and surrounding areas, Evergreen Behavioral Services provides comprehensive behavioral health treatment services, as part of the Franklin Community Health Network team of professionals. Evergreen staff works with psychiatry, nurse practitioners, and primary care to provide individuals with integrated, whole care. To access any EBS service during regular business hours call 207-779-2398.

Behavioral Health Home and Case Management

These programs available to both children and adults, help you and support you in connecting to the resources and services that you may need in order to meet your mental health, medical and health care needs. Together with your case manager, you determine what your needs are and develop a plan of action to get those needs met.

Mental Health Counseling

There are times that anyone could use a little help. Whether you or a family member are struggling with relationship or family transitions, or learning how to manage depression or anxiety, Evergreen clinicians are here to help you. Our outpatient team is experienced in acute and chronic mental health issues. Goals of mental health counseling are to assist you in achieving stability.

Substance Abuse Services

Services begin with an assessment to determine the appropriate level of care. Once this assessment has been completed, recommendations for treatment are discussed with you. You may be referred for: Individual Counseling or Intensive Outpatient Programming. Our goal is to work with you to develop skills and strategies that will enable you to achieve and maintain a healthy drug-free lifestyle.

Driver Evaluation Education Program (DEEP)

Evergreen Behavioral Services is a contracted provider for DEEP. Once your paperwork has been received by this office, we will call you to schedule an appointment. Evaluations consist of 2-4 sessions and often include a family member. Treatment consists of 6-12 sessions (or more).

24/7 Emergency Mental Health Services

For those times when help is needed immediately, Evergreen has qualified crisis providers who will meet with you to help you through the situation. Location of the meeting is determined based on many factors, safety being of utmost importance. Once the initial crisis has been resolved, crisis staff can offer up to 5 stabilization sessions to provide ongoing support for 30 days.

24/7 Statewide Emergency Response: 1-888-568-1112

Experiencing a mental health crisis?

Call our Crisis Response Service: 207-779-2843

Office & Referral Information

Mailing Address

131 Franklin Health Commons, Suite A
Farmington, ME 04938


Main Office: 207-779-2398 (appointments or to make a referral)

Crisis Response Service: 207-779-2843 or

Statewide Emergency Crisis Response 24-Hour Hot Line: 1-888-568-1112

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