Maternal and Child Health Unit

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Our Family Birthing Unit offers a natural homelike setting in which to give birth and get to know your new baby. At the same time, we offer the backup of high-tech equipment and the latest know-how to provide the highest quality care for both mother and baby.

Our Family Birthing Unit is designed so that a mother, baby, and father or significant other can sleep over in the same room.

The birthing experience for families who choose to deliver at Franklin Memorial Hospital begins well before the Big Event, with home visits by the nurses who will be with you during your labor and delivery, and a tour of the Family Birthing Unit.

The Family Birthing Unit offers you many choices. You can start your birth plan now and have everything ready for you when the big day comes.

We offer childbirth education classes to make your labor as productive and comfortable as possible. A warm-water soaking tub is also available in the Birthing Unit to ease the discomfort of labor.

If you choose to breast feed, we have specially trained nurses to help you get started and answer your questions while you're in the hospital and even after you go home.

Above all, we want you to have the most rewarding and fulfilling birthing experience possible, and we want your baby to have the best possible start. We offer our free Growing Healthy Families program to all first-time parents, supporting them in raising their children from birth to age five.

Pediatric Unit

Hospitalization of a child can be an emotional time for the family. Our dedicated staff are well trained to care for your child. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child at all times to be involved in their plan of care.

The pediatric hospitalist service at Franklin Memorial Hospital provides hospital care for general pediatric conditions and is designed to support office-based family practice physicians when their patients are hospitalized.

Families who use the pediatric hospitalist program are not giving up their regular doctor. While in the hospital, a child is seen by one of the pediatricians at least twice a day and the pediatrician keeps in close contact with the child’s doctor. Upon discharge from the hospital, the child’s primary care physician receives a complete report and will provide any necessary follow-up care.

The clinicians who staff the service are all board-certified pediatricians who practice at Franklin Health Pediatrics in Farmington. All have special skills in hospital-based pediatric care.

The most common illnesses associated with child hospitalizations are respiratory conditions such as asthma, pneumonia, and acute bronchitis. Dehydration and appendicitis are also common.;

Offering childbirth education classes

We offer childbirth education classes six times a year to accommodate all due dates. To register call 779-2295.

For your safety this is a locked unit.

This unit has secure doors to manage the entrance of staff and visitors into patient treatment areas.

Preparation for Childbirth Education Classes

Gain the knowledge and confidence you and your partner/support person need to have the birth experience you desire. This class is suitable for all first time parents as well as a refresher course. Come and prepare for your birth in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Class will cover evidence based information including:

  • Stages and phases of labor
  • How to prepare physically and mentally for your birth
  • Natural coping methods such as relaxation, massage, visualization, water therapy and many others
  • Cesarean births, and unexpected outcome
  • Questions and answers with an obstetric provider and a pediatrician
  • Medical pain management options, and making informed choices.
  • Plenty of time for questions and discussion

Class Instructor is Natasha Foster, BSN, CBE, a staff nurse on the Maternal/Child Health Unit who additionally teaches the organization’s childbirth education classes for expectant parents. Foster received her bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2007 from Husson University. She has more than 12 years of extensive nursing experience.

Cost of the class is $40 payable by cash or check (made out to FMH).

To register for the classes, contact the family birthing unit at 779-2295

Nurse Home Visits

Preparing for and taking care of a new baby is a challenging job. During your pregnancy, our nurses provide visits for all mothers who are planning to give birth at Franklin Memorial Hospital.

First Time Mothers:

Your first three visits will be at the Hospital, before you give birth. You will meet one of the home visiting nurses, who will introduce you to the program, give you a tour of the Family Birthing Unit, talk with you about your body's and your baby's changes in pregnancy, answer questions, and listen to your concerns.

At your second and third visit, you and your nurse will continue to discuss your pregnancy and how your baby is growing. You will learn about nutrition and exercise, a birthing plan, and possible complications. We will explain what to expect in the hospital and demonstrate baby care, including bathing, and discuss breast and bottle feeding.

All Mothers:

Post Partum visits will be in your home after delivery, usually within 1-3 days of your going home. Your nurse will check you and your baby, support you with breastfeeding, discuss birth control, and review self and infant care and any other concerns you may have.

For more information about Nurse Home Visits contact Franklin Memorial Hospital at (207) 779- 2340.

Maine Families Franklin

A free voluntary program of classes, playgroups, newsletters and/or home visits. A family support visitor will partner with you on this exciting and challenging new journey as a family, throughout the first five years of your baby's life.

* Practical tips on taking care of baby and yourself
* Learn more about your baby's healthy development, from birth to five years old
* Enjoy the up-to-date information from the nationally acclaimed parents as teachers curriculum
* Learn how nurturing your baby stimulates baby's brain development
* Have fun with your baby with games and activities to enjoy together
* Put you in touch with community resources for you and your family: child care, housing, job training, medical/dental care, baby furnishings
* Share with others the joys and challenges of parenting
* Join a play group with your baby -- meet other parents and develop your skills for observing your baby's growth and development
* Get linked to a medical home for your family to help you all stay healthy

For more information about Family Support Visitors contact Franklin County Children's Task Force at (207) 778-6960.

Breast feeding

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breast milk as the ideal food for infants. At Franklin Memorial Hospital our nursing staff includes lactation consultants who can help you get started with breast feeding, answer any questions you may have, and work through any problems you may encounter. They are happy to meet with you before your delivery to help you weigh the pros and cons of both breast and bottle feeding.

For more information contact a Lactation Consultant at (207) 779-2295

Visiting a Patient

Franklin Memorial Hospital’s Maternal and Child Health department (MCH) is a locked unit with secure doors to manage the entrance of staff and visitors into patient treatment areas. This new protected unit was created to improve the safety of staff, patients, and newborns and is the standard throughout the state.

Unit visitors push a button near the unit’s main door on the second floor to be allowed entrance onto the unit. MCH staff will respond to the ring by looking at the camera screen and asking “May I help you?” The visitor will then identify who they are visiting before staff will unlock the door to gain entrance.