Inpatient Care

Patients at Franklin Memorial Hospital receive care from our highly qualified medical/surgical team that includes doctors, a nurse practitioner, nurses, nursing and medical students, pharmacists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, medical specialists, a case manager, a dietitian, and others who help make our patients’ experience positive, comfortable, and healing.
Hospitalists take care of patients from admission through discharge. They are specially trained physicians who care for patients during a hospital stay. The hospitalist staff remains in contact with each patient’s primary care clinician, sending regular updates and asking for additional information as needed.

Nearly 40 hospital-based registered nurses hold advanced certifications in at least one of the following areas: emergency critical care, medical/surgical care, oncology, chronic disease management, wound care, and diabetes education, among others. Each of these certifications requires years of clinical practice in the specialty, the completion of continuing education credits, and passing rigorous exams.

Doctors and nurses, together with a physical therapist, respiratory therapist, dietitian, and other care team members meet every morning to discuss discharge plans to ensure that patients have the services they need when they leave our hospital. A care manager arranges for these services for patients including home care visits, rehabilitation in nursing care facilities, and continued physical therapy.

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