Change takes time, but more importantly, it takes collaboration. Let’s Go! has been fortunate to work in partnership with a number of organizations and individuals through the years that share in our vision of increasing healthy eating and active living across communities.

Let's Go! Partners

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Dissemination Partners

Local dissemination of Let’s Go! is crucial to cultivating change in communities. Let’s Go!’s dissemination model ensures that our programs are delivered regionally through local organizations with ties to their community. We refer to these local organizations as Dissemination Partners, the local face of Let’s Go!, and we offer them leadership, oversight and support.

Current Dissemination Partners include nine hospitals and six community health organizations found throughout Maine and in Mount Washington Valley, New Hampshire, all using the Let’s Go! multi-setting model and 5-2-1-0 programs to effect change in their communities. If you’re a site or community member looking to touch base with your local Dissemination Partner please contact the local Program Coordinator. If you’d like to connect with the Home Office, please call (207) 662-4422.


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