Recent Publications

Schonenberger S, Niesen WD, Fuhrer H, Bauza C, Klose C, Kieser M, Suarez JI, Seder DB, Bosel J: SETPOINT2-study group and the IGNITE-study group.  Early Tracheostomy in Ventilated Stroke patients: Study protocol of the international multicenter randomized trial SETPOINT@ (Stroke-related Early Tracheostomy vs. Prolonged Orotracheal Intubation in Neurocritical Care Trial 2) Int J Stroke. 2016 Apr;11(3):368-79. Epub 2016 Jan 5. PMID 26763913

Balwan A, Nicolau DP, Wungwattana M, Zuckerman JB, Waters V.  Clinafloxacin for Treatment of Burkholderia Cenocepacia Infection in a Cystic Fibrosis Patient. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2015 Dec31;60(1):1-5doi:10.1128/AAC.01428-15.  Print 2016 Jan.  PMID 26722110

Fried HI, Nathan BR, Rowe AS, Zambramski JM, Andaluz N, Bhimraj A, Guanci MM, Seder DB, Singh JM.  The Insertion and Management of External Ventricular Drains: An Evidence-Based Consensus Statement:  A Statement for Healthcare Professionals from the Neurocritical Care Society.  Neurocrit Care. 2016 Feb;24(1):61-81. PMID 26738503

Taufique Z, May T, Meyers E, Falo C, Mayer S, Agarwal S, Park S, Connolly ES, Claassen J, Schmidt JM. Predictors of Poor Quality-of-Life One Year After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Neurosurgery. 2016 Feb;78(2):256-64

Magid-Bernstein J, Al-Mufti F, Merkler AE, Roh D, Patel S, May TL, Agarwal S, Claassen J, Park S. Unexpected Rapid Improvement and neurogenic Stunned Myocardium in a Patient with Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy: A Case Report and Literature Review.  J Clin Neuromuscul Dis. 2016 Mar;17(3):135-41.doi:10.1097/CND.000000000000109.  PMID 26905914

Glisic EK, Gardiner L, Josti L, Dermanelian E, Ridel S, Dziodzio J, McCrum B, Enos B, Lerwick P, Fraser GL, Muscat P, Riker RR, Ecker R, Florman J, Seder DB.  Inadequacy of Inpatient Headache Pain Management After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Am J Crit Care 2016; 25:136-143 PMID 26932915

Riker RR, Gagnon DJ, May T, Seder DB, Fraser GL. Analgesia, sedation, and neuromuscular blockade during targeted temperature management after cardiac arrest. Best Practice & Research Clinical Anaesthesiology 2015; 29 (4):435-50.  PMID 26670815

May TL, Seder DB, Fraser GL, Stone P, McCrum B, Riker RR. Moderate intensity analgosedation during therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest. Neurocritical Care 2015; 22:105-111 PMID 24962894

Gagnon DG, Riker RR, Glisic EK, et al. Transition from dexmedetomidine to enteral clonidine for ICU sedation: an observational pilot study. Pharmacotherapy 2015; 35:251-259  PMID 25809176

Zuckerman, J.B. , Clock, S.A., Prato, S.B., McDevitt, J.J., Zhou, J.J., Leclair, L.W., Lucas, F.L., Saiman, L. for the MASC Study Group. Air contamination with bacteria in CF clinics: implications for prevention strategies. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2015; 191: 598-601.  PMID 25723827

Karlsson V, Daniewicz J, Nielsen N, Kern KB, Mooney MR, Riker RR, Rubertsson S, Seder DB, Stammet P, Sunde K, Soreide E, Unger BT, Friberg H.  Association of Gender to Outcome after Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest—a Report from the International Cardiac Arrest Registry.  Crit Care. 2015 Apr 21;19:182.  PMID 25895673

Seder DB, Sunde K, Rubertsson S, Mooney M, Stammet P, Riker RR, Kern KB, Unger B, Cronberg T, Dziodzio J, Nielsen N. Neurological Outcomes and Post-Resuscitation Care of Patients with Myoclonus Following Cardiac Arrest.  Crit Care Med 2015;43(5):965-72  PMID 25654176

Saver JL, Goyal M, Bonafe A, Seder DB, et al.  Stent-retriever thrombectomy after intravenous t-PA vs. t-PA alone in stroke. N Engl J Med. 2015 Jun 11;372(24):2285-95.  PMID 25680823

Kern KB, Lotun K, Patel N, Mooney MR, Hollenbeck RD, McPherson JA, McMullan PW, Unger B, Hsu CH, Seder DB; INTCAR-Cardiology Registry.  Outcomes of Comatose Cardiac Arrest Survivors With and Without ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Importance of Coronary Angiography.  JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2015 Jul;8(8):1031-40.  PMID 26117462

Wainwright CE, Elborn JS, Ramsey BW, Marigowda G, Huang X, Cipolli M, Colombo C, Davies JC, De Boeck K, Flume PA, Konstan MW, McColley SA, McCoy K, McKone EF, Munck A, Ratjen F, Rowe SM, Waltz D, Boyle MP. Zuckerman, JB ; TRAFFIC Study Group; TRANSPORT Study Group. Lumacaftor-Ivacaftor in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis Homozygous for Phe508del CFTR. N Engl J Med. 373(3):220-31, 2015. [Listed as collaborator for being a site investigator].  PMID 25981758

Gagnon D, Nielsen N, Fraser GL, Riker RR, Dziodzio J, Sunde K, Hovdenes J, Stammett P, Friberg H, Rubertsson S, Wanscher M, Seder DB.  Prophylactic antibiotics are associated with a lower incidence of pneumonia in cardiac arrest survivors treated with targeted temperature management.  Resuscitation. 2015 Jul;92:154-9.  PMID 25680823

N. Galie, et al., AMBITION Study Group. (Wirth JA) Initial Use of Ambrisentan plus Tadalafil in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. N Engl J Med. 2015 373(9):834-44. PMID 26308684

Aliotta JM, Pereira M, Sears EH, Dooner MS, Wen S, Goldberg LR, Quesenberry PJ.  Lung-derived exosome uptake into and epigenetic modulation of marrow progenitor/stem and differentiated cells.  J Extracell Vesicles. 2015 Sep 16;4:26166.  PMID 26385657

Editorials / Essays / Letters

Bascom K, Riker RR, Seder DB.  Heart Rate and the Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome: Another Clue to Individualizing Care?  Crit Care Med 2016 Feb;44(2):448-9.  PMID 26771792

Fraser GL, Gagnon DL, Riker RR. SLEAP: A Wake-Up Call to Question the Oversimplification of ICU Delirium. Crit Care Med 2015; 43: 703-705.

Seder DB, Riker RR, Nielsen N. Myoclonus and Prognosis after Cardiac Arrest. The authors respond.  [Letter] Crit Care Med. 2015 Sep;43(9):e397-8. PMID 26274731

Gagnon DJ, Seder DB.  Etomidate in sepsis: understanding the Dilemma.  J Thorac Dis. 2015 Oct;7(10):1699-701.  PMID 26623087

Case Reports, Book Chapters & Invited Reviews

Pitcher J and Seder DB.  Cardiac Arrest. In: Reich DL, Mayer SA, Uysal S (Eds) Neuroprotection in Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine, 1st Edition.   Oxford University Press 2016. In press.

Balwan A and Seder DB.  Bronchoscopy in Neurocritical Care.  In: Kiwon Lee (Ed) The Neuro-ICU Book, 2nd Edition.  McGraw Hill, 2016.  In press.

Balwan A and Seder DB.  Percutaneous tracheostomy.  In: Kiwon Lee (Ed) The Neuro-ICU Book, 2nd Edition.  McGraw Hill, 2016.  In press.

Seder DB and Mayer SA.  Respiratory Support for Neurological Diseases.  In: Louis ED, Mayer SA, and Rowland LP (Eds), Merritt's Textbook of Neurology, 13th Edition, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, New York, NY, 2016.  Pp 996-1001.

Seder DB and Bösel J.  Airway and Mechanical Ventilation.  Neurocritical Care.  Torbey M Ed. Cambridge University Press 2016.  In press.

Bösel J and Seder DB.  Airway and Mechanical Ventilation in Neurocritical Care.  The Practice of Neurocritical Care.  The Neurocritical Care Society 2015, Chapter 18: 376-428.

Nielsen N and Seder DB.  Non pharmacological neuroprotective strategies. Oxford Textbook of Critical Care.  Oxford University Press (Feb, 2016).  In press.

Gagnon DJ, Kovacic NL, Fraser GL. ICU Agitation in Erstad B, ed. Critical Care Pharmacotherapy. Pages 161-185, American College of Clinical Pharmacy 2016.

Payne LE, Fraser GL. Power Pak C.E. A review of pharmacotherapy management of pain, agitation, and delirium in adult patients in the ICU. 2016.

Gagnon DJ, Riker RR, Fraser GL. Pain, agitation, delirium management in ICU patients. Virtual Critical Care Rounds II (advanced level of content) 2016

Fraser GL, Gagnon DJ. Pain and analgesia in the ICU. American College of Clinical Pharmacy 2016 (in press)

Seder DB and Bösel J.  Airway management and mechanical ventilation in acute brain injury. In: Wijdicks EFM and Kramer AK, Eds. Critical Care Neurology, Vol 1.  Handbook of Clinical Neurology.  Elsevier, 2016.  In press.

Seder DB, Jagoda A, Riggs B.  Emergency Neurological Life Support: Airway, Ventilation, and Sedation.  Neurocrit Care. 2015 Dec;23 Suppl 2:S5022 PMID 26438457

Flume P., Bilton D., Aitken M.L., Charlton B., Fox H.G., Kolbe J., Zuckerman J.B., Hebestreit H.U., Riethmüller J.,  Forster E., Agent P., Button B.M. Optimising inhaled mannitol for cystic fibrosis in an adult population: a review. Breathe 11: 39-48, 2015.

Balwan A, Blaszyk H, Van der Kloot TE, Recurrent Human Papilloma Virus Related Airway Squamous Cell Carcinomas. Am J Respir Crit Care Med  2015; 192(7):895. PMID 26134380

Recent Abstracts

Riker RR, Fox N, Stone P, Holmes S, Connolly L, McCrum B, Seder DB.  EEG Suppression ratio 6 hours post-ROSC accurately predicts neurological outcome after cardiac arrest.  Star Research Award Winner - Society of Critical Care Medicine, Orlando, 2016.

Ranganath A, Dziodzio J, McCrum B, Connolly L, Pare C, Sholl M, Ecker RD, Seder DB.  Interhospital transport of patients with hemorrhagic stroke: A 12-month experience.  Oral presentation - Society of Critical Care Medicine, Orlando, 2016

Gagnon DJ, Fontaine G, Smith K, et al. Valproic acid for agitation in critically ill adults. Crit Care Med 2015; 43 (suppl) abstract 596. 2016 Orlando

Bascom KE, Dziodzio J, Vasaiwala S, Mooney M, Patel N, McPherson J, McMullan P, Unger B, Nielsen N, Friberg H, Kern K, Seder DB. Validation of a Novel Prediction Tool for Circulatory-Etiology Death after Cardiac Arrest.  Circulation. 2015;132:Suppl 3 A17309

Riker RR, Fox N, Stone PC, Holmes S, McCrum B, Connolly L, Seder DB. Suppression Ratio 6 Hours after ROSC is a Better Predictor of Good Outcome Than Initial or 6-Hour Bispectral Index During Therapeutic Temperature Management and Intermittent Neuromuscular Blockade. Neurocrit Care 2015;23:S253.

Riker RR, Fox N, Stone PC, Holmes S, McCrum B, Connolly L, Seder DB. Two Methods To Measure The Bispectral Index And Suppression Ratio During Therapeutic Temperature Management And Intermittent Neuromuscular Blockade Are Similar. Neurocrit Care 2015;23:S252.

Balwan A, Han P, Gutheil C, Black A, Grillo B, Siegel S, Yahwak J, Fukunaga M. Pilot evaluation of a pulmonary speciality-based lung cancer screening program. Poster presentation, Chest 2015, Montreal, QC

Aliotta JM, Pereira M, Sears EH, Dooner MS, Wen S, Goldberg LR, Quesenberry PJ. Lung-derived exosome uptake into and epigenetic modulation of marrow progenitor/stem and differentiated cells. Journal of Extracellular Vesicles 2015, 4: 26166

Seder DB, Schönenberger S, Klose C, Kieser M, Suarez JI, Bösel J.  Early tracheostomy in ventilated patients with severe stroke: Protocol of the randomized multicentre trial SETPOINT2 (Stroke-related Early Tracheostomy vs Prolonged Orotracheal Intubation in Neurocritical care Trial 2).  Neurocrit Care 2015;23:S165

May T, Boehme A, Claassen J, Seder D, Riker R, Sunde K, Cronberg T, Friberg H, Nielsen N< Agarwal S. Variations in practice and outcomes after cardiac arrest in a large international registry cohort. Postresuscitation care. Lund Sweden, June 2015

Riker RR, Digianvittorio M, Qazi M, Livingston B, McCrum B, Dziodzio J, Connolly L, Seder DB.  Quantitative Scoring of MRI by Neuroradiologists After Cardiac Arrest. Presented at the Lund University Postresuscitation Care Conference, June 2015

Zemrak W, Smith K, Rolfe S, Hayes T, Trowbridge R, Seder DB. Low-dose 4-factor PCC for urgent warfarin reversal.  Journal of Thrombosis and Hemostasis 2015; 13: 885.

Dimango, E., Saiman, L., Zuckerman, J.B. , McKevitt, M., Ye. W, Bresnik, M., Marshall, B., Burns, J.L. Interim data (Year 2) from a prospective 5-year registry study to monitor aztreonam susceptibility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) isolates from patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) in the US. Pediatr Pulmonol Suppl :41 A293, 2015.

Ranganath, A., Dziodzio, J. Craig, W.Y., Zuckerman, J.B., Sears, E.H. The clinical profile of cystic fibrosis patients with care fragmentation at a single institution. Pediatr Pulmonol Suppl:41 A409, 2015.

Digianvittoio M, Qazi M, Livingston B, Dziodzio J, McCrum B, Connolly L, Riker RR, Seder DB. Clinical Utilization of MRI in Cardiac Arrest Survivors Undergoing Therapeutic Temperature Management. Presented at the American Society of Neuroradiology, Chicago, April 2015.

Agarwal S, May T, Boehme A, Reynolds A, Patel P, McCrum B, Park S, Claassen J, Riker R, Seder DB.  Clinical and Demographic Factors Associated with Death Differ from those Associated with Withdrawal of Life Support after Cardiac Arrest.  Neurology 2015;84 (14 Supplement), P1.

May TL, Svoronos A, Boehme A, McCrum B, Riker RR, Seder DB, Agarwal S.  Pre-arrest Patient Characteristics Explain Most Interhospital Variation in Outcomes after Cardiac Arrest. Neurology 2015;84 (14 Supplement), P6.

Patel N, Nair S, Mooney M, McPherson J, Seder DB, Cash M, Young M, Unger B, Kern KB.  Risk of Stent Thrombosis in Cardiac Arrest Patients with ST- Elevation Myocardial Infarction Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Therapeutic Hypothermia: International Cardiac Arrest Registry. JACC 2015;65:10S

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