Our faculty has a rich diversity of interests, experience, and expertise. Most of our faculty did their residency training at MMC and have been with the residency program for years but we also have a few newcomers.

All share an enthusiasm for teaching and value the core tenets of family medicine. Most of our attendings precept, provide patient care at their primary clinic site, and attend on the family medicine inpatient service. Several also care for pregnant women.

William Dexter, M.D., FACSM

Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship

Undergraduate: Dartmouth College
Medical School: Medical College of Virginia
Residency: Maine Medical Center

Dr. Dexter, known as “The Big Guy” in our sports department, is the director of our sports medicine fellowship and was the 2013-14 President of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). He spends most of his time seeing patients in our sports clinic, working with the sports medicine fellows, and teaching sports medicine to residents. He also precepts in the resident clinics. Along with our other sports faculty, Dr. Dexter is a team physician for our AHL hockey team, the Portland Pirates.

Why family medicine: I went to med school hoping to pursue sports medicine and found out I was ill-suited to be a surgeon. I spent some time with a great family doc who did a ton of sports med, then got hooked on family med. The rest, as they say…

What you enjoy most about MMC: While enjoying the benefits of a large tertiary care teaching hospital, there is a strong primary care ethic and stronger family medicine program. It is a “live and let live” place where one can teach and practice medicine with smart, dedicated, caring and exciting folks.

Favorite thing about Portland: A traffic jam is 3 cars at a stop sign.

Medical interests: Sports medicine is my passion. I absolutely love working in an academic sports medicine fellowship program and being involved in my field regionally and nationally.

Personal interests: I try to keep up with my roller derby spouse (AKA Born-To-Be-Wild Rose!).

Favorite authors: John McPhee, Cormac McCarthy, Peter Heller

Favorite Maine getaway: My camp in Bridgton on Moose Pond.

If not a doctor, you’d be: “Sandwich man.” Long story, missed opportunity.

Interesting non-medical job you held: I am a “son of Larry.” Sons of Larry = Former counselors at YMCA Camp Lawrence. Remarkably, we all survived, became reasonably responsible adults, and we still hang out together.

Best place you’ve lived: Seriously?! To quote an eminent Maine humorist, “Don’t you move a gosh-darn inch!”

Carly McAteer, M.D.

Undergraduate: College of Idaho
Medical School: University of Nevada
Residency: Maine Medical Center

Dr. McAteer is the newest addition to our faculty. Prior to joining us, she spent 3 years working as a full-spectrum family physician in Gorham, ME. In her first year on faculty, she was given the "Inpatient Attending of the Year” award by the residents. She attends on the inpatient maternal-child health service, precepts in clinic, and sees her patients in the Falmouth office.

Why family medicine: It enables me to see the whole patient – from the beginning to the end of life and all of its glories and hardships in-between.

What you enjoy most about MMC: I have amazing colleagues and residents to work with and it’s a perfect balance between an academic medical center and a community hospital.

Favorite things about Portland: So hard to choose! I love the change of the seasons, Portland’s strong community feel, the numerous restaurants and farmers markets to keep any foodie happy, the beaches, endless outdoor places to explore… the list goes on.

Medical interests: Women’s health, maternity and newborn care

Personal interests: Running, volleyball, cooking, sewing, piano, and spending time outdoors with my family.

Favorite foods: Watermelon and homemade lemon-vanilla ice cream

Favorite books: Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese, the Harry Potter series, This is Where I Leave you by Jonathan Tropper, and The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Maine getaway: Bartlett Island

If not a doctor, you’d be: Professional organizer – I love tackling a messy storage closet!

Famous person you’ve met: President Gerald Ford

Interesting non-medical job you’ve held: Furniture mover

Alison Samitt, M.D.

Residency Program Director

Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University
Medical School: Dartmouth College
Residency: Maine Medical Center

Dr. Samitt is one of our own, having trained here at MMC. Prior to becoming program director and faculty, she spent four years in a private practice in Scarborough, ME. She wears many hats within our residency program – attending on our inpatient maternal-child health and family medicine services, precepting in clinic, and seeing patients in the Falmouth office, all while juggling her administrative duties as program director. She is vitally committed to work/life balance.

Why family medicine: I love the variety and the challenge that comes from practicing family medicine. Every day is completely different but each day allows me to truly serve others, forge and maintain strong connections, strive to be the best possible family doc I can be, and learn something new. I can’t imagine that anything else could possibly be more fun and rewarding.

What you enjoy most about working at MMC: The people!

Favorite things about Portland: Amazing food, lots to do outside, and yoga on practically every corner.

Medical interests: Maternal-child health, evidence-based medicine and information mastery, teaching

Personal interests: Running, yoga, skiing, and watching my kids grow up way too fast

Favorite place in the world: The top of Angel’s landing in Zion National Park

Favorite spot in Maine: The amphitheater in Camden

Favorite foods: Homemade pesto, chocolate-covered pretzels

Favorite book: Any book that makes me sad that it is about to end will instantly make it to my list of faves

Favorite sports team: Falmouth Youth Soccer Findlay Under 9 team

Victoria Hayes, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Arkansas
Medical School: Ohio State University
Residency: Medical Center Hospital of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Dr. Hayes is our expert in adolescent medicine, holding a Certificate of Added Qualifications in this area. She precepts in our resident clinics and runs our adolescent health clinic at the Portland site. She is also the physician for the student health center at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham. Dr. Hayes is very active with medical students and is our faculty member for the Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG).

Why family medicine: I appreciate its holistic patient approach and I really love working with families and getting to know them in-depth over time. I also appreciate the broad-spectrum challenge of our specialty and its incredible flexibility.

What do you enjoy most about working at MMC: That’s easy – I absolutely love the people. I have the great fortune to work with visionary colleagues who are dedicated, hard-working, flexible and fun team-players who love their jobs and also appreciate the quality of life that Maine has to offer.

Favorite things about Portland: The beauty that the city has to offer. I try to never drive by the ocean without appreciating my good fortune to live on a coast, especially having been raised in the land-locked state of Arkansas.

Medical interests: Adolescent medicine and college health, women’s health

Personal interests: Yoga and the exciting art of scrapbooking!

Strange thing that has happened to you: I met my husband in medical school when we were cadaver partners. I decided that if we could enjoy getting through anatomy together, we would enjoy getting through life together… and I was right!

Interesting non-medical job you’ve had: Working at a Daisy BB gun factory

Most interesting place you’ve lived: Vogelbach, Germany

Favorite sports team: Arkansas Razorbacks. Go hogs!

Two things most people don’t know about me: I don’t have a high school diploma and I have over 40 animals, including alpacas, llamas, a horse, chickens, goats, dogs, and a parakeet.

Peggy Cyr M.D., MS

Undergraduate: University of Maine
Medical School: University of Vermont
Residency: Maine Medical Center

Dr. Cyr coordinates medical student clerkships for family medicine. Her main area of clinical interest is dermatology. She has developed our dermatology curriculum and she runs the dermatology clinic at the Portland clinic. Dr. Cyr is also active in precepting residents and attends on the family medicine inpatient service. She sees her patients at the Portland office.

Why family medicine: It fits my personality and I love caring for the whole patient.

What you enjoy most about working at MMC: I have a background in medical education and leadership. Working here, I am close to the learners, which I love.

Medical interests: Dermatology, medical education

Personal interests: Hiking - I love the White Mountains and Katahdin

Favorite food: Shelled peanuts

If not a doctor, you'd be: A teacher

Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind

Mark P. Bouchard, M.D.

Clinic Director, Portland and Falmouth Clinics

Undergraduate: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Medical School: University of Vermont
Residency: Maine Medical Center

Dr. Bouchard is the Clinic Director at both our Portland and Falmouth sites. He is also fellowship trained in sports medicine and sits on our sports faculty. His multitude of interests also includes clinical quality as he is very involved in outpatient quality improvement measures at our clinics. He precepts in clinic, attends on inpatient family medicine service, and sees his patients at the Falmouth office.

Why family medicine: I love working with people of all ages and with families. I also like helping patients deal with all of their healthcare needs. I find family medicine both challenging and rewarding.

What you enjoy most about MMC: The tight sense of community both in our department and throughout the medical staff.

Favorite things about Portland: It’s large enough to have great restaurants and cultural events yet small enough to not have big city problems such as crime and traffic. It’s been a great place to raise a family.

Medical interests: Sports medicine, opioid addiction treatment, and the use of the electronic health record

Personal interests: Biking, cross-country skiing, landscaping, and red wine

Favorite food: All things meat

Favorite Maine getaway: Madawaska Lake in northern Maine

Proud personal accomplishment: Raising two happy, well-adjusted kids

Famous person you’ve met: Bill Demong, America’s first Olympic medalist in Nordic combined skiing

Interesting non-medical job: Picking potatoes as a school kid during the annual northern Maine potato harvest

Favorite Portland restaurant: Five Fifty Five

Favorite sports team: New England Patriots

Kathleen McGarr, M.D.

Undergraduate: Merrimack College
Medical School: Medical College of Virginia
Residency: Maine Medical Center

Dr. McGarr is one of our longest-tenured faculty, having been on the MMC staff since 1997. Before being here, she had a private practice in New Hampshire. Her areas of interest are women’s health and obstetrics. She attends on the inpatient maternal-child service and inpatient family medicine service, precepts in clinic, and sees her own patients in the Falmouth clinic.

Why family medicine: I grew up admiring the family physician that delivered me. Family medicine was also something completely different and interesting than what doctors were doing in the Boston area when I was preparing to enter medicine.

What you enjoy most about working at MMC: Being able to teach residents to provide excellent care during pregnancy and the birth of children.

Favorite things about Portland: Family-friendly atmosphere, lots of places to walk and be outside, great Asian restaurants

Medical interests: Prenatal care, newborn care, women’s health

Personal interests: Spending time with family, sewing, crocheting, gardening

Favorite Portland restaurant: Benkay

Favorite Maine getaway: Pemaquid Beach

Famous person you’ve met: Bill Clinton during his 1996 campaign… but I did not allow him to kiss my then-baby daughter Monica

Julie M. Schirmer, LCSW

Undergraduate: Miami University of Ohio
Masters in Social Work: Catholic University

Julie is a member of our behavioral health faculty. Aside from seeing patients, she is responsible for coordinating the behavioral science curriculum for the residency. Julie also does direct observation and videotaping of residents’ patient interactions, teaches during didactic sessions, and performs mental health consultations alongside residents. Additionally, she serves on residency faculty committees.

Why family medicine: I was drawn to the people in this department, who are amazingly gifted and passionate about what they do. Family medicine has a more family systems and community emphasis. It requires clinicians with broad interests and talents, which makes them fun, smart, and interesting.

What you enjoy most about MMC: As behavioral health faculty, I love being part of the family medicine outpatient team, particularly given the

Favorite things about Portland: Cultural diversity, Portland Museum of Art, Casco Bay. Its close proximity to the mountains, lakes, and sea.

Medical interests: Behavioral health

Personal interests: Music (playing piano and guitar – not at the same time), my monthly book group (do I admit to belonging to two?), skiing, boating around Casco Bay, gardening, cooking, and dining with friends at the amazing Portland food venues.

Favorite food: If the Spirit Catches You, You Fall down by Ann Fadiman

Favorite Maine getaway: My house on Great Pond, where On Golden Pond was REALLY written

Proud personal accomplishment: Besides my two wonderful daughters, spending over 12 years contributing to the development of family medicine, behavioral medicine, and social work in Vietnam.

Famous person you’ve met: Although I never met him, Paul Newman slept in my bed (figure that one out!)

Christina Holt, M.D.

Director of Research

Undergraduate: Harvard University
Medical School: Stanford University
Residency: Swedish Hospital, Seattle, WA

Dr. Holt is our program’s research director, helping residents with their scholarly projects over their 3-year time span. She is board-certified in both family medicine and preventive medicine and completed a research fellowship and Masters degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Her areas of interest include rural health, international health, maternal-child care, and medical education; she has done research in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Dr. Holt attends on our inpatient adult and maternal-child health services and sees her patients in the Portland office.

Why family medicine: I love working and caring for patients of all ages in all settings and the long term relationships! Family medicine allows me to work with all aspects of the health system and to be surprised by how interconnected all parts of life are.

What you enjoy most about MMC: The fabulous residents we work with and the fascinating patients we serve

Favorite things about Portland: All the food, art, water, wind, and farmers markets you could want in a walking/biking size city center. And the ferry to Peaks Island!

Medical interests: Obstetrics, international health, and research in medical education

Personal interests: Music, dancing, CrossFit, and sailing.

If not a doctor, you’d be: Language interpreter or translator

Proud personal accomplishment: Learned to play the accordion well enough to be in a band for 5 years

Famous person you’ve met: Jimmy Carter (but he wouldn’t remember me)

Interesting non-medical job you held: Adventure trip leader up the Allagash waterway in northern Maine.

Favorite activities with MMC residents: Being inspired by their optimism, excellent cooking skills, work ethic, and general sense of FUN!

Joel Botler, M.D.

Director of Inpatient Medicine, Maine Medical Center

Undergraduate: Princeton University, BA
Medical School: SUNY Downstate, MD
Residency: Maine Medical Center, Internal Medicine

Dr. Botler is a brilliant clinician and director of inpatient medicine at Maine Medical Center. His medical knowledge and focus on patient care and quality make him an invaluable resource for residents throughout their time here. He is present at our daily morning report to “probe the knowledge gaps” and available to help with difficult clinical cases or systems-based issues that arise. Dr. Botler attends on our inpatient service.

Why family medicine: I consider myself an honorary family physician. Although I didn't choose FM as a specialty, the quest for learning, balance, and just really good people has kept me in FM for 30 years.

What you enjoy most about MMC: Great combination of clinical care, education, and putting the patient first.

Favorite thing about Portland: It has the things you'd want in a big city but it's close to beautiful beaches and mountains.

Favorite food: Lobster

Favorite movie: The Deer Hunter

Favorite Maine getaway: Higgins Beach

If not a doctor, you'd be: Meteorologist

Favorite Portland restaurant: Back Bay Grille

Favorite sports team: New England Patriots

Deb Rothenberg, M.D., PhD

Associate Residency Program Director

Undergraduate: Cornell University
Medical School: Michigan State University
Residency: Rochester/Highland Hospital, Rochester, NY

Dr. Rothenberg has been on our faculty since 2002 and has an amazing background. Prior to medical school, she worked as a Peace Corps volunteer at a maternal-child health center in Niger, West Africa. She then earned her medical degree and a PhD in anthropology from Michigan State. Dr. Rothenberg went on to serve on faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, taught residents at Ohio State’s rural family medicine residency, and worked in an underserved pediatric center in Springfield, Ohio. She attends on both our inpatient maternal-child health and family medicine services, precepts in clinic, and maintains her practice at the Portland office.

Why family medicine: While working in a maternal-child health clinic in Niger, West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer, I fell in love with working with mothers and their young children. Family medicine is the only choice for someone who wants to do both prenatal care/OB AND take care of the newborn. Also, as an anthropologist, FM is the specialty that truly incorporates a systems perspective.

What you enjoy most about MMC: The chance to teach both medical students and residents, the fact that the Family Medicine Centers see all comers, regardless of ability to pay… and most of all, working with the incredible crew of residents we have in our program.

Favorite things about Portland: I love the diversity and the fact that, after 12 years here, I continue to discover new interesting places to go, restaurants to try, local theater, etc.

Medical interests: Maternal-child health, community medicine

Personal interests: I have two teenage boys so doing anything with the family, especially traveling. Also – reading, cross-country skiing, speaking other languages and learning about new cultures.

Favorite book: Cutting for Stone

Favorite Maine getaways: Popham Beach, Saddleback, and the Rangeley area

Proud personal accomplishment: Finishing my PhD dissertation!

Interesting non-medical job you’ve held: Teaching swimming to children in a psychiatric institute

Secret talent: I’m a great cook

Best place you’ve lived: Portland, Maine; a close second is Grenoble, France

Favorite Portland restaurant: Street and Co.

Amy Haskins, Ph.D.

Undergraduate: Bowdoin College
Graduate School: University of Massachusetts Amherst, Ph.D. Epidemiology

With extensive research experience, Amy is a great fit as the research navigator for our program. She helps residents select, design, and implement their scholarly projects, regardless if the project is research-based, quality improvement work, or community outreach. Before coming to family medicine, Amy worked as a data analyst evaluating the tobacco helpline for the Maine Center for Tobacco Independence. She then went on to a research scientist position at Maine Medical Center, developing predictive models for quality of life outcomes for prostate cancer patients.

What you enjoy about being part of family medicine: Working with residents and faculty on their outpatient research projects.

What you enjoy most about working at MMC: Support for research and the top-notch research infrastructure

Favorite things about Portland: The restaurants, fun shops, available kids’ activities, and the fact that the city is walkable

Medical interests: Research methodology, maternal-child health

Personal interests: Baking, hiking, spending time with my kids, music

Secret talent: Calligraphy

Favorite Maine getaway: Monhegan Island

If not a researcher, you’d be: A dog trainer or bakery owner

Paige Parsons, PharmD, BCACP

Undergraduate: University of Arizona
Pharmacy School: Mercer University
Residencies (managed care and ambulatory care): Veterans Affairs system, Phoenix, AZ and Providence, RI

Paige is an invaluable resource to our patients and our clinic. Before coming to family medicine, she spent 2 years teaching at the University of New England while maintaining a practice through the VA here in Maine. At family medicine, Paige works predominantly with patients with chronic disease, particularly diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, seeing patients in both Portland and Falmouth. She also runs a geriatric clinic, helps at Hospital 2 Home visits, and teaches pharmacy students and residents.

What you enjoy most about family medicine: The variety and diversity of the patient population I work with

What you enjoy most about working at MMC: The strong pharmacy department

Favorite things about Portland: Easy access to kayaking and downhill skiing

Medical interests: Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, chronic pain

Personal interests: Cooking, kayaking, hiking

Favorite movie: Enemy of the State

Favorite food: Meatball sandwiches

Favorite travel destination: California Redwoods

Amy Roberts, LCSW

Undergraduate: Colorado State University
Graduate School: Boston University

Amy has been part of the Maine Med family since 1998. She started in the Department of Psychiatry doing family therapy and teaching in the psychiatry residency program. In 2002, she moved to be part of the Anchor Team, working as part of a home-based treatment team for severely psychiatrically-disadvantaged children in Cumberland County. She has been with family medicine for 2 years, doing behavioral health consults and developing treatment models to disseminate to other providers. Amy sees patients in the Portland office and attends afternoon teaching.

What you enjoy about family medicine: Teaching, patient diversity, learning about the medical side of things

What you enjoy most about working at MMC: The academic rigor, the constant learning, the high quality of care, and team-based practice

Favorite things about Portland: Easy to live in and navigate, safe city, lots of good restaurants and art, and only 15 minutes to the beach

Medical interests: Family dynamics, models of practice, brief treatment models, treatment of borderline personality disorder

Personal interests: Cooking (for myself and others), gardening, traveling

Favorite movies: To Kill a Mockingbird, Apollo 13

Favorite Portland restaurant: Emilitsa

Interesting family story: My grandfather developed the business plan for Brown Medical School and maintained it for decades until his passing

Interesting story from growing up: I lived in a “hippy” commune in Vermont with my father in the early 1970s

Ted Wissink, M.D.

Undergraduate: Northwestern University
Medical School: University of Minnesota
Residency: Maine Medical Center

Dr. Wissink is a member of our integrative medicine faculty. After residency, he completed a fellowship through MMC and the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine; during this time, he also received training in osteopathic manipulation at the University of New England's College of Osteopathic Medicine. After residency training, Dr. Wissink worked as a family physician in Rockport, ME. He returned to MMC as faculty and since that time, has completed the Helms medical acupuncture course. He attends on our inpatient family medicine service, precepts residents in clinic, performs integrative medicine consultations, and sees his patients in the Portland office.

Why family medicine: It's never boring, always challenging, and my colleagues are people I truly enjoy working and being with. I love the diversity of the workday - anybody and any medical condition can walk through the door.

What you enjoy most about MMC: MMC is a great combination of an academic tertiary care center serving as a community hospital as well. There is great respect for primary care within the institution.

Favorite things about Portland: The proximity to the ocean and mountains for us outdoor adventurers, all mixed in with great city culture.

Medical interests: Integrative medicine

Personal interests: Playing with my kids, ultimate frisbee, and mountain biking.

Favorite book: East of Eden by John Steinbeck

Favorite movie: True Romance

If not a doctor, you'd be: Tennis instructor

Interesting non-medical job you held: Sold posters at colleges for 2 summers and falls - yeah, I was that guy you bought the Animal House poster from.

Favorite sports team: Minnesota Vikings

Ed Tumvacius, M.D., J.D. 

Craig Schneider, M.D.

Director, Integrative Medicine Fellowship

Undergraduate: Harvard University
Medical School: Columbia University
Residency: Maine Medical Center

Dr. Schneider directs our integrative medicine fellowship. Following residency, he completed training at the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. He has also been to the Himalayas to study complementary and alternative medicine. Aside from precepting residents in clinic and seeing his patients in the Falmouth office, he does integrative medicine consultations and runs the resident wellness portion of our didactic teaching sessions.

Why family medicine: Family doctors are best positioned to work with people of all ages on developing lifestyle and health-promoting habits that contribute so much to the well-being of individuals and communities.

What you enjoy most about working at MMC: Access to smart colleagues, high quality care, and a less formal environment than many healthcare systems. I also appreciate being supported to care for all comers, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Favorite things about Portland: “It’s a lot of fun for a little city.” – Portland ad campaign circa 1996. The combination of great local food, music and arts scene (especially Pecha Kucha, Portland Museum of Art, and Architalx) combined with amazing and easily accessible outdoors opportunities is special.

Medical interests: Integrative medicine including lifestyle, nutrition, botanicals, mind-body, acupuncture and manual approaches

Personal interests: Hiking and paddling, especially when I can get my family to join me. I am also addicted to my pedometer.

Charles Belisle, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Maine
Medical School: University of Vermont
Residency: US Naval Hospital, Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Belisle is the longest-tenured member of our faculty, being a part of the Maine Med family for decades. He is one of our most prolific preceptors and is a mainstay in our program. He is also a retired military doctor, serving in the Navy for 9 years and the Air National Guard for 25 years. Dr. Belisle is active on the curriculum committee and is present at all of the teaching conferences. He was named Maine Family Physician of the Year in 2010. He is our Master Preceptor and spends most of his time precepting residents in clinic. Dr. Belisle is also a regular at inpatient morning report at MMC.

Why family medicine: I love people and their stories. My patients have great stories and are always teaching me something interesting.

What you enjoy most about working at MMC: The students and residents. I’m always training my replacements.

Favorite things about Portland: The waterfront, parks, and the nice places to walk

Medical interests: Medical education, geriatrics

Personal interests: Chasing around my 17 grandchildren, gardening, fishing

Favorite pastime: Spending time with my family

Favorite food: Clam chowder

Fact that few people know about you: I was the fullback for the 1965 UMaine football team, the first UMaine team to play in a bowl game (Tangerine Bowl).

Ann Skelton, M.D.

Chief, Department of Family Medicine

Undergraduate: Yale University
Medical School: University of Vermont
Residency: Maine Medical Center

Dr. Skelton has been with our residency program for decades and is an invaluable resource to our department. As chief, she is responsible for the overall function of the Department of Family Medicine, including its clinical, educational, and scholarly programs. Dr. Skelton is involved with our innovative Hospital to Home (H2H) transitional visits for patients recently discharged from the hospital. She attends on both our inpatient maternal-child health and family medicine services, precepts in clinic, and sees her patients at the Portland office.

Why family medicine: From the outset, my idea of my role in medicine was as family physician, attracted by the breadth of the specialty and the relationships with patients. I am stimulated by intellectual challenge, comfortable with uncertainty, and humble enough that asking for help is never a problem. The moments I enjoy most in medicine are rounding on mother and baby the day after delivery, when the family has dramatically changed with the addition of a new member.

What you enjoy most about MMC: My colleagues: Attendings in family medicine and other specialties, the staff in our department and our two offices, and the residents and students who learn in our settings. Almost without exception, they are bright, caring, inquisitive, capable people who appreciate and support each other in our challenging work and in maintaining balance to do it well over time.

Favorite things about Portland: It’s an exceptionally livable city. There are few hassles: Little crime, little traffic, and few jerks. My favorite two stores in Portland are within a few blocks of our Portland office – Micucci’s and Harbor Fish. Don’t leave Portland without a stop at Harbor!

Medical interests: Systems improvement and innovation in providing medical care. I am fortunate to work in an environment that supports these.

Personal interests: I love to cook, read, travel, golf, and bike.

Secret talent: Parallel parking

Other secret talent: I am an Atlantic Records recording star under the alias ChaCha Skelton.

Fun family fact: My grandparents are the longest married couple in the US – at 103 and 99, they have been married for 82 years. I have learned from them the values of industry, striving for excellence, commitment, and acceptance.

Leslie Schulte, M.D.

Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Medical School: Wayne State University
Residency: Maine Medical Center

Dr. Schulte recently finished residency here at MMC; she is so intelligent and well-liked we are fortunate to have her stay on as faculty. She sees patients in the clinic setting full time in the Portland office and precepts residents and medical students as well. Her husband Joe is a radiology resident at MMC.

Why family medicine: I like the idea of being someone’s doctor, of being the person they not only rely on for their medical care but someone they can really talk to. I also appreciate the breadth of knowledge required. It is humbling on a daily basis.

What you enjoy most about MMC: The people are so inspiring. They are passionate about caring for people and their families.

Favorite things about Portland: The outdoor activities so close by – kayaking, cross-country skiing, beaches, snowboarding – everything is easily accessible and people want to do these things with you!

Medical interests: Preventive medicine, adolescent health, sports medicine, urgent care

Personal interests: Running, cycling, cross-country skiing, kiteboarding, cooking

Favorite book: 9 Short Stories by JD Salinger

Favorite Maine getaway: Acadia

Ingrid Martin, M.D.

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