Electives & International Opportunities

A one month elective is scheduled into the PGY3 year. Residents may choose a variety of elective educational opportunities, based on their unique educational needs. Some examples of previous elective rotations:

  • Fellowship 'showcase' months in Gyn Oncology, Family Planning, Urogynecology, Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Rotations to investigate type of practice post-residency: rural elective months in Michigan, Hawaii, Canada
  • International Rotations to pursue interest and skills in international medicine: residents have gone to India, South Africa, Kenya, Nepal, Ethiopia
  • Residents may take their elective month to pursue unusual research opportunities as well

All elective rotations need to be set up in advance with clear educational goals and objectives and a mentor who will evaluate the resident performance at the end.

International Opportunities

Dr. Tarraza, the Chairman of OB/GYN, has a specific interest and commitment to international health care, and travels several times a year to provide needed health care to underserved populations. This is an extraordinary learning experience for select chief residents who may have the opportunity to accompany him on a mission trip, including trips to Peru, Bangladesh and Ethiopia.  The general learning objectives for international rotations are:

  • To care for complex Gynecologic and Obstetric problems under the supervision of the Chair of the Dept of OB/GYN at MMC
  • To participate in the evaluation, treatment (both surgical and medical), and care of gynecologic patients
  • To experience the challenges and rewards of international medicine