Scholarly Activity

Amy Stepp seen here, at the Pediatric Hospital Medicine conference in Nashville, TN. July 20, 2017
In my role as Associate Program Director, I work to ensure that our residents are able to explore various aspects of academic medicine, including Scholarly Activities. Our residents are required to participate in several structured Scholarly Activities such as Journal Club, Quality Improvement projects in their own continuity clinic and formal educational presentations at Morning Report and Grand Rounds. We also provide the support and mentorship for residents to pursue a wide range of additional opportunities for independent investigation including presentations at regional and national academic meetings, participation in existing clinical research projects and independent clinical research with support from the Maine Medical Center Research Institute.

Scholarly activities are integrated throughout the curriculum in a variety of settings from the bedside to didactic sessions. Residents complete their training having gained an understanding of how to use medical research and basic research concepts to inform medical decision making via the application of evidence-based medicine (EBM) skills. 

Thomas Q. Reynolds, D.O.
Associate Program Director, Pediatrics
Division Director, Pediatric Neurology

Recent Resident Experiences

Kyle Deerwester (2021) was a research assistant for a clinical trial on the use of delayed rewarming for neuroprotection in infants after congenital heart surgery. During this time frame, Kyle also developed his own pilot study assessing the safety of mothers holding their infants during therapeutic hypothermia and assessed the stability of vital signs during holding and the qualitative impact of holding on mothers and nurses. Kyle’s poster was presented at the Brain Monitoring and Neuroprotection Conference in Ireland in October 2017, at the Costas-Lambrew Research Conference at MMC in May 2018, and also has a manuscript currently under review by Acta Paediatrica.

Chris Rogers (2020), along with Janice Dudley, N.P. and Thomas Reynolds, D.O., is pioneering a quality improvement project for the Neurodevelopmental Clinics at MMP Pediatric Neurology in order to improve the quality and quantity of take-home patient education and instruction for complex pediatric patients with muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and cerebral palsy. Chris plans to present his work and results at a regional conference after several PDSA cycles.

Leah Fox (2019) helped analyze the data for the Holding during Hypothermia study and presented the poster in Ireland. She wrote a grant that was funded by the Maine Medical Center Research Institute to assess the maternal and infant levels of salivary oxytocin and cortisol before and after holding during hypothermia. Her hypothesis is that cortisol, a marker of stress will lower after holding and oxytocin, a marker of binding will increase. Leah has gained IRB approval for this project and before graduating in June 2019, will have presented a poster and submitted a manuscript.

Emily Jacobs, DO (2019) has initiated a research project designed to examine urine cotinine levels in healthy children exposed to vapor from electronic nicotine delivery systems and, using existing data from children exposed to cigarette smoke, determine if there is a significant difference in exposure as parents often believe. She has designed several QI projects regarding questioning use of ENDS products ("vaping"), including incorporating data capturable elements into the passive smoke exposure documentation at all office visits. She will present a poster based on her preliminary data at the AAP National Conference in November. She is also working with Dr. Abby Fleisch (Division of Endocrinology) on her research regarding environmental exposures and health, specifically cigarette smoke exposure and bone density. This project has just received IRB approval and will be commencing through the year 2018-2019.

Micah Lamb, DO (2018) is investigating the effects of various playing surfaces on injury types and frequency in soccer goalkeepers using data from the National Athletic Treatment, Injury and Outcomes Network (NATION) High School (HS) Surveillance Program as well as information from Maine High School Athletic Departments.

Kevin Scully, MD (2018), Mike Dedekian, MD (Division of Endocrinology) and colleagues at the Maine Medical Center Research Institute are investigating a potential novel pituitary hormone with a likely association with obesity in children.

Alexis Beinlich (2018) analyzed a dataset of vital signs collected on term and preterm infants pre and post-osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) to determine safety of the procedure. This manuscript to be submitted in September 2018 as a brief communication. Alexis also designed and implemented a second study to assess the effect of OMT on reduction in hospital length of stay in neonates treated with therapeutic hypothermia in the NICU for neonatal encephalopathy. Recruitment was completed in August 2018 and the findings of the study are to be submitted to the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.Meredith Bryden, MD (2018) and the BBCH Nurse Manger had an invited oral presentation at the 2017 Children’s Hospital Association Quality & Safety Conference highlighting the BBCH Team work: Improving the Pediatric Medication Discharge Process: a multidisciplinary approach. From this research, a paper entitled "Pediatric Patient-Centered Transitions From Hospital to Home: Improving the Discharge Medication Process", was published in Hospital Pediatrics in December 2017. Meredith had a poster presentation accepted for the 2018 AAP National Conference and Exhibition entitled "Improving Safe Sleep Compliance in a Pediatric Inpatient Unit and Newborn Nursery Using Quality Improvement Methodology from the American Academy of Pediatrics Education and Safe Sleep Environment (EASE) Project".

Ina St.Onge, DO (2017) participated in several ongoing research and Quality Improvement projects in conjunction with the Division of Pulmonology and the Hospitalist team an resulting in an oral presentation during the Research Platform Plenary Session at the 2016 Pediatric Hospital Medicine Meeting (AAP, APA and SHM) and a poster at the 2016 North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference.

Deirdre Burns, MD (2017), received a MMCRI Mentored Research Grant to examine the effect of the combination of urine cotinine levels and parental tobacco cessation counseling on the smoking habits of parents of children admitted to BBCH for lower respiratory tract disease. She collaborated with Colby Wyatt, MD and a local MPH candidate on this project.

Mark McGill, MD (2016), worked with Alexa Craig, MD in the Division of Neurology on a project examining the neurodevelopmental outcome of infants who have undergone early surgery for congenital heart defects in anticipation of a grant application to prospectively study the effects of post-operative therapeutic hypothermia on neurodevelopment in this population. Mark will began his Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship at the University of Minnesota in 2017.

Sam White, DO (2016), is currently a fellow in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. As a resident she worked with Dr. Carol Hubbard, MD, PhD in the Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics on a project examining Parental Perceptions of Barriers to Physical Activity & Physical Activity Levels in Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Recent Resident Publications

Stepp A, Folker C, Tanzer M, Hayman J, Reynolds T, Mallory L. Autoimmune voltage-gated potassium channelopathy presenting with catecholamine excess. Ped Neurology, 72 (2017); 86-89

Brownell AD, Reynolds TQ, Livingston B, McCarthy CA. Human Parechovirus-3 Encephalitis in Two Neonates: Acute and Follow-Up MRI and Evaluation of CNS Markers of Inflammation. Ped Neurology, 2015 Feb; 52(2): 245-249.

Johnson, V, Hayman, J, McCarthy, C, Cardona, I. Successful Treatment of Eczema Coxsackium with Wet Wrap Therapy and Low-dose Topical Corticosteroid. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice. 2014 Sept.; 2(6): 803-804.

Presentation Academic Meetings

Sedney S. Two Month Old with Fever and a Rash. Poster Presentation; vignettes. Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Meeting. Las Vegas, NM. May 2017.

St. Onge I. Fever and irritability in a 16 day old Infant. Poster Presentation; vignettes. Society of Hospital Medicine Annual Meeting. Las Vegas, NM. May 2017.

Bryden M, Lord M. Improving the Pediatric Medication Discharge Process: a multidisciplinary approach. Oral Presentation, Children’s Hospital Association Quality & Safety Conference, Orlando, FL. March 22, 2017.

Burns, D. Longitudinal Tracking of Overweight and obese patients in a primary care pediatric practice. Poster Presentation. Maine AAP Fall Conference. October 2016.

St. Onge I. Improving Experience and Outcomes During Hospitalization for Pulmonary Exacerbations. Poster Presentation. 2016 North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference, October 27-29, 2016 Orlando, Florida.

St. Onge I. Pediatric Patient-Centered Transitions from Hospital to Home. Oral Presentation (Research Platform Plenary Session). Pediatric Hospital Medicine Meeting (AAP, APA and SHM). July 28-31, 2016. Chicago, IL.

St. Onge I. Fever and Irritability in a 16-day old Infant. Poster Presentation, Maine Society for Hospital Medicine Annual Meeting. May 21, 2016 Portland, ME

Clem J. GI Upset After Recent Travel to Africa Poster Presentation. Hospital Medicine 2016 (Society for Hospital Medicine). March 2016 San Diego, CA

Dark J. Fever of Unknown Origin in a 6-year-old Female. Poster Presentation. Hospital Medicine 2016 (Society for Hospital Medicine). March 2016 San Diego, CA