Vascular Surgery Residency

Our integrated vascular surgery residency program is designed to provide graduated, incremental training in both vascular and core general surgery throughout the course of the program. The integrated vascular residency program is designed to enable eligibility for certification in vascular surgery by the American Board of Surgery.

The mission and aim of the program is to provide comprehensive training, knowledge and skills needed for independent practice of vascular surgery; including the assessment and management of patients with vascular disease, use of the vascular laboratory, critical care, open surgery, and endovascular procedures. The focus is clinically oriented with a strong foundation in all aspects of open vascular surgery, endovascular surgery, and core general surgery principles. During the first three years of the program, rotations will be on the vascular surgery service for four months a year and eight months of the year will be spent on surgical services critical to the development of a well-rounded vascular surgeon. The fourth and fifth year will serve as chief residency years in Vascular Surgery.