Investing in Research and Innovation

Robust research and innovation practices fundamentally enhance the quality of care Maine Medical Center delivers to our patients. An investment in healthcare innovation offers hope by engaging solutions that bring the newest scientific discoveries to patients’ bedsides. When you support research projects you ignite a better understanding of disease processes that ultimately develops better diagnostics and treatments. 

To learn more about making an investment in the future of healthcare, please contact John Curran at

Maine Medical Center is already one of the most innovative research organizations in the nation through our Research Institute (MMCRI). With your help, we can achieve even more:

Incubating Healthcare Innovations

Healthcare practice is evolving at a rapid pace. To remain a leader in this changing environment, we seek to explore and nurture promising new ideas by formalizing “innovation pathways” for employees across the MaineHealth system to pursue their creativity and passion in pursuit of meaningful innovations in patient care. One such pathway is the Innovation Cohort. By partnering with us to provide infrastructure for the practice of innovation, you can incubate novel ideas to more rapidly develop and bring patient care advancements to practice. 

Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI)

In medical research, today’s groundbreaking study could be tomorrow’s lifesaving treatment. Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI) supports and encourages a broad spectrum of research at MMC from bench science to translational, clinical and health services research.  Philanthropic seed funding investments have catalyzed research projects that have secured expansive federal grant funding.