Joint Replacement

Maine's leading knee, hip, and shoulder replacement experts are together at Maine Medical Partners — Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Our Board certified surgeons offer today's most advanced care for arthritis-affected joints and injuries. In partnership with the Joint Replacement Center at Maine Medical Center, our team provides expert, world-class orthopedic care right here in Maine. 

Quality Outcomes Report

Our true focus is to perform the best, most atraumatic hip, knee, and shoulder replacements possible. Read about the program's success, seen through transparent quality data, reported in the 2018 Quality Data Report.


Our Services

Anterolateral Total Hip Replacement

A minimally-invasive procedure, anterolateral total hip replacement is performed through a small incision on the anterior, or side, of the hip. Because muscles and tendons are not disturbed, the prosthetic joint is more likely to remain in place during the recovery process. Patients who have had anterolateral hip replacement do not have the same movement restrictions as those who have had a posterior total hip replacement. This procedure typically results in less pain, quicker recovery and faster return to everyday activities

Posterior Hip Replacement

For patients undergoing a "traditional" hip replacement, a posterior approach is used to access the diseased hip joint, remove and resurface arthritic bone and implant the replacement joint. A prosthetic joint is specially selected by the surgeon to match the patient's anatomy.

Total Knee Replacement

Patients with arthritis in the knee joint experience pain when the smooth cartilage at the ends of the bones is damaged or missing. During knee replacement surgery, the surgeon removes arthritic and damaged bone in the knee joint, resurfaces the remaining bone and implants a replacement knee joint. Prosthetic joints are made of plastic and metal and are specially selected by the surgeon to match the build of a patient's body. Advances in technology now allow some patients to undergo knee replacement surgery who might not have been candidates in the past.

Total Shoulder Replacement

Patients with arthritis in the shoulder joint experience pain when bones in the joint rub together. During shoulder replacement surgery, the surgeon removes arthritic and damaged bone in the shoulder joint, resurfaces the bone and implants a replacement shoulder joint. Prosthetic joints are made of plastic or metal and are specially selected by the surgeon to match the build of a patient's body.

Next-Day Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery has traditionally been associated with hospital stays averaging three to four days post-surgery. In addition, a subsequent stay in a rehabilitation facility for additional recovery is not uncommon. The staff at MMC Joint Replacement Center has worked to develop a next-day knee replacement program, with comfortable discharge home the day after surgery.

Other Services

Other services provided include elbow replacement, partial knee replacement, knee revision, knee arthroscopy, reverse shoulder replacement, arthroscopic shoulder, and shoulder fracture surgeries. Please talk to your provider if you have questions or would like to learn more about any of our services.

Dean's Story

As a muralist and father, Dean felt helpless when he could not paint and play with his kids the way he had used to. After far too many painful years, Dean finally decided to do something about it and consulted the medical expertise of the Joint Replacement Center. Find out how Dean is doing today, and what he is most thankful for now!

About Your Surgery

These interactive programs provide easy-to-understand information about hip, knee, and shoulder replacement surgery, and can help prepare you for your procedure. Please note, our requirements, recommendations, and pathways may differ from what is presented.


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