Your feet and ankles are among the most commonly injured areas of the body. Foot and ankle problems also can occur at any age, from childhood to the teenage years through adulthood. Yet feet and ankle problems often are misdiagnosed. With an intricate bone structure, feet and ankles require the expert evaluation and care of a podiatrist board-certified in foot surgery.

Dr. Alan Goldenhar, specializes in Podiatric Medicine, Wound Care, and Foot Surgery at the Memorial Hospital and treats a broad range of conditions including:

Foot injuries
Diabetic Foot Wounds
Ingrowing nails
Corns and callouses
Plantar fasciitis
Foot infections

Podiatry at Memorial Hospital helps patients return to the activities they enjoy. At Memorial Hospital, patients are treated as individuals with their own care plan for pre- and post-surgery, which may include physical rehabilitation, pain management and devices to assist patients in walking as they recover.


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