Diabetes Education and Support

MaineHealth offers classes, medical counseling and behavioral health support to people diagnosed with diabetes. Our diabetes care team helps people of all ages understand how to control diabetes, be healthy and enjoy the best possible quality of life. Talk to your primary care provider (PCP) about accessing diabetes education and support.

Getting the support you need to control diabetes

Learning how to control your diabetes is important to good health. Many people with diabetes need assistance, education and support to help control their diabetes.

At MaineHealth, we offer diabetes classes in the community taught by certified diabetes educators, or diabetes educators working on their certification. There are classes for people with diabetes and their caregivers and for people with pre-diabetes.

Taking care of diabetes can require a number of behavior changes (for example: diet, exercise). MaineHealth has behavioral health clinicians who can help with this. The clinicians see patients in provider's offices and the diabetes center.  Talk to your provider about referral to a behavioral health clinician.

Diabetes Education & Support at Home

MaineHealth Care at Home offers diabetes education and support in the comfort of home, whether assisted living, a long-term care facility or a family home. Nurses, dietitians and other healthcare providers help people learn to manage and take control of their diabetes.


MaineHealth Care at Home

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