Watchman Device | AFib Treatment

What is the WATCHMAN?

The WATCHMAN medical device, which is the size of quarter, is implanted in your heart, to lower the risk of stroke in adults with long-standing Afib.  Maine Medical Center is the first hospital in Northern New England to offer the WATCHMAN device implant procedure. Our doctors and nurses have received special training to perform this procedure. The device has been tested on hundreds of patients and approved by the United States FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) since March 2015.



How Does the WATCHMAN Work?

WATCHMAN Keeps Blood Clots Away

AFib increases the chances that you may form a clot, starting at the heart, which can travel to your brain and cause a stroke.  The WATCHMAN is implanted into part of your heart (the atrium) to block off a small pouch (the left atrial appendage) where most of these blood clots form.

Benefits of the WATCHMAN

What to expect from the WATCHMAN

  • Your risk of stroke is lowered significantly.
  • It becomes a permanent part of your body and cannot be seen from outside of your body.
  • You may be able to stop taking your blood-thinning medication.

The WATCHMAN Procedure

What to Expect During the WATCHMAN Insertion Procedure?

The insertion does not require open heart surgery and takes less than an hour.You will need to have general anesthesia (medicine to go to sleep) for the procedure and will need to stay overnight in the hospital afterwards to recover.

Talk to your provider to find out if the WATCHMAN device might be right for you.

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