Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation programs at MaineHealth focus on helping you change your lifestyle to prevent a second occurrence. We provide nutrition counseling, graduated exercise training, stress reduction education, and more.

MaineHealth offers cardiac rehabilitation services at multiple locations (see Where to Find Care). The heart rehab services are open to people who have had a heart attack, heart surgery, or angioplasty. They give heart patients a second chance.

Working together to improve your heart health

Future heart problems can be prevented. Your family doctor or health care provider will be involved in all aspects of your rehab care. Working with you as a team, they will develop a plan to follow your progress.

Having a healthy lifestyle can reverse some of the effects of heart disease. The talented staff at our heart rehab programs can show people how to:

  • Fix heart healthy meals

  • Make exercise part of your daily routine

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Ease stress

  • Develop a plan to quit smoking

What is cardiac rehab?

Rehabilitation programs are often recommended after heart attack or surgery for exercise, education, and emotional support. Cardiac rehab also has proven benefit for HF patients however many heart failure patients don’t think of cardiac rehab as part of their therapy.


You can find a list of rehab services at MaineHealth hospitals at the top left of this page, listed under "Where to Find Care" on this page.


Please check with your family doctor or health care team to see what program would be best for you. Also, check your insurance plan or call your insurance company to see what is covered. 


Do you have questions about heart health?

Connect with a Health Educator, and ask your questions.

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Cardiovascular Institute at Maine Medical Center

Advanced care for the best outcomes

The Cardiovascular Institute at Maine Medical Center offers the most advanced skill and care for heart patients. The heart program is the largest of its kind in northern New England.

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