Anticoagulation Clinic

At the anticoagulation clinic, you will be provided with simplified, efficient, patient-friendly care. We will teach you about anticoagulation therapy and to monitor your therapy to help you maximize the benefits while minimizing complications. Our mission is to reduce the risk of bleeding and clotting events.

We offer education about your anticoagulation medication and the many factors that can affect it. The staff will provide accurate, efficient blood testing on-site. We will also perform an assessment of lifestyle, diet and medications at each visit that may influence your response to anticoagulation therapy. Based on this ongoing assessment, we will work with you to adjust your medication as needed to maintain safe, appropriate levels of your blood-thinning medications.

Anticoagulation Clinic

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Telephone: 207-505-4505

Goals of the Clinic

  • Increased patient satisfaction and improved quality of life
  • Closely monitored anticoagulation “blood thinning” state in patients on anticoagulation medication
  • Decreased complications, hospitalizations and emergency room use related to
    anticoagulation therapy
  • Improved patient understanding of anticoagulation therapy

Benefits of the Clinic

  • On-site testing with a “finger-stick” test rather than a blood draw
  • While you wait (three minutes) results of your blood thinning test (INR)
  • On-site adjustment of your blood thinning medication by a trained team of specialists
  • Convenient scheduled appointments in the clinic, which is located in the hospital
  • Patient education and resources for long-term, coordinated care
  • Comprehensive, computer-based recording of laboratory results, medication doses and clinical issues that are important to your care
  • Availability of laboratory results and medication dosing for the doctors responsible for your care

How Do I Become Part of the Clinic?

  • A referral from your doctor is required
  • Attend your clinic visits as scheduled
  • Follow the instructions about taking your medications and proper diet
  • Notify the clinic about all medications you are taking, including over-the-counter
    medication, dietary supplements and herbal remedies and any change when they are made
  • Maintain communication regarding your health status, extended illnesses, hospitalizations and scheduled procedures or surgeries

Our Clinic’s Team

Our team consists of a medical director, specially-trained nurses and other support dedicated to optimal management of your anticoagulation.

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