School Based Health Centers

School Based Health Center
at the Oxford Hills Middle School
100 Pine Street
South Paris, Maine 04281

School Based Health Center
at the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School
256 Main Street
South Paris, Maine 04281
207-743-8914, ext. 9502

For more than 10 years, Stephens Memorial Hospital has been providing high-quality health services in the SAD #17 schools at School Based Health Centers, augmenting the school nurses services. A Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, provides care for students 20 hours a week at the Oxford Hills Middle School and 20 hours a week at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School. A physician from Western Maine Pediatrics is the program's Medical Advisor.

The SBHC provides care for students while keeping them in school and learning. As a result of the SBHC ER visits are reduced as is absenteeism and the burden on parents to miss work to seek care for children. Services provided include not only diagnosis and treatment of injuries and illness but also chronic illness management for diseases such as diabetes and asthma. The SBHC provides routine physical exams and immunizations, prescriptions and laboratory testing. The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner communicates with the student's primary care physician and parents. In addition the SBHC collaborates with the school nurses, oral health professionals, dietitians, counselors, local health agencies, faculty, and community boards.

Currently 50% of the students at both middle and high school are enrolled in the SBHC. Five years ago the rate was 6% at the high school and 15% at the middle school. The SBHC is not a medical 'home' for students, but acts in conjunction with their PCP. In the state of Maine, 86% of students have their own PCP. At the Oxford Hills SBHCs 95% of students have a PCP. We are all working together to improve the health of our youth in the Oxford Hills.

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