Memorial Hospital adheres to internationally recognized testing and evaluation criteria to diagnose concussions and track their recovery. Our orthopedist and sports medicine specialists have helped define concussion treatment protocols used by professional sports leagues such as the NHL and AHL.

As part of the Mt. Washington Valley community, we have a special concern about concussions and brain injuries - especially as they relate to younger people.

Dr. James Glazer

A Recognized Authority on Concussions

Dr. James Glazer is a sports medicine specialist at Memorial Hospital. He has extensive experience in evaluating concussions in all age groups, and has worked with NHL and AHL teams to establish protocols for dealing with concussions.

He has worked with local schools and sports clubs to bring state of the art diagnostic and treatment protocols into the community, and is considered a leading voice in the dialogue surrounding concussions in young athletes.

What to Expect

Here at Memorial’s Concussion Center, we take a thorough concussion history, including other important factors such as migraine headaches and school performance. We use state of the art balance assessment tools, as well as conduct a general and concussion-specific neurologic exam. We use internationally-recognized concussion screening parameters to track recovery, and when appropriate we employ state-of-the-art electronic neuropsychiatric testing.

If further consultation is required, Dr. Glazer has developed close clinical relationships with concussion experts in Boston who help with the most difficult cases.

Contact Orthopedics at Memorial Hospital to request an appointment with Dr. Glazer. 603-356-7061