Diabetes, Endocrine System & Metabolism

Our primary care and specialist providers offer care for diabetes, hormone problems, thyroid diseases, growth disorders and other conditions of the endocrine system. Ask your healthcare provider to connect you with a MaineHealth specialist for an evaluation and treatment.

Your growth, metabolism and even your reproductive system rely on the hormone-producing glands that regulate body functions. Endocrinology focuses on the body’s network of hormone-producing glands. The endocrinologists at MaineHealth treat a wide range of hormone problems and conditions, including diabetes. Find an endocrinologist in the MaineHealth system, or talk to your primary care doctor or family healthcare provider about a referral. Browse our services below:

Diabetes Care & Treatment 

Other Endocrinology & Metabolic Disorders We Treat

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Diabetes Screen Shot Video

How the A1C Test Helps

The A1c Test is like a home movie of your blood sugar over the past few months. Watch the video

Understanding Diabetes

Download our free guide to help you understand and manage diabetes.

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