Cardiac Catheterization

SMHC'S Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory is comprised of a team of specially and highly trained registered nurses and radiology technicians who work closely with, and assist the cardiologist during the performance of the cardiac catheterization. This team is committed to improving the quality of care and service to our patients in the community who require diagnostic imaging.

With the diagnostic cardiac catheterization, the Cardiologist is able to view and measure blood flow and internal pressures within the heart, able to assess the heart valves for leakage or narrowing, and able to assess the coronary arteries for narrowing or blockages.

During the procedure, a thin plastic tube (catheter) is guided through a main artery in the leg or arm. Once the catheter is in the heart, the cardiologist injects a small amount of contrast (dye) and a special camera then takes the moving images of the heart and its vessels. Specialized equipment allows the cardiologist to see instant moving images of the heart, and its blood supply. Valuable diagnostic information is obtained which then guides the medical team in individualized treatment for the patient.

For more information, please call the SMHC Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at 207-283-7819.