Medical Records

Health Information Services (Medical Records)

The Health Information Services Department is dedicated to maintaining your medical records and keeping your health information private and secure in accordance with patient’s rights and federal and state regulations. For additional information regarding health records and privacy, please request the Notice of Health Information Privacy Practices at 207-563-4505. 

Access your health information

A patient or his/her legal representative may obtain a copy of health information, or have copies of records sent to another facility elsewhere.  You may request a copy of your records on paper, or on a compact disc (CD).

A completed and signed Authorization to Release Protected Health Information form along with valid identification is required for copies of records to be released. To request the form or for assistance completing the form, please call 207-563-4505. You may also pick up a copy of the form at the Health Information Management Department located at 35 Miles Street, Damariscotta, ME  04543.

Authorization To Release and Disclose Patient Information

Please send the completed, signed and dated form to the Health Information Management Department by mail to: LincolnHealth Medical Records Department, 35 Miles Street, Damariscotta, ME  04543.

How long will it take for the copies to be processed?

Processing times may vary depending on the complexity of your request; however in most cases requests are completed within two to three business days from the date of receipt.  Legally, all request will be completed within thirty (30) days of receipt of the release form.

Is there a charge associated with my request for copies?

Yes.  Please be aware that there may be a “reasonable cost-based fee” for copying protected health information in accordance with the State of Maine Statutes.  The exact fee amount will not be determined until the request has been fulfilled, at which time an invoice will be sent.  In some cases, fees may be required prior to releasing the records requested.  Payment is acceptable by cash, check or credit/debit card.

What is MyChart?

MyChart gives you the ability to access your health information at your convenience, through a secure website.  MyChart allows you to be actively involved in your health care, the ability to communicate with your provider, and help you stay informed.  Click here for more information about MyChart.

Additional Questions

We are happy to assist you if you have additional questions.  Please contact us during our hours of operations at (207) 563-4505

Contact us

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