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The Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders is a critical component of Maine Behavioral Healthcare's Developmental Disorders Program and works in tandem with the intensive care developmental disorders unit and academy at Spring Harbor Hospital. The center offers Maine children, adolescents and their families a single source for comprehensive, coordinated treatment through a multi-disciplinary outpatient clinic, day treatment program, primary care consultation and clinical research.

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To learn more about the Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders, give us a call at 207-661-6703.
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Our treatment teams, in the hospital and in our center, include child psychiatrists, behavioral psychologists, behavior analysts, case managers, physical therapists, nurses, social workers and special educators. All services are delivered by professionals who specialize in the unique needs of children with developmental disorders.

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CADD Clinic

The CADD Clinic provides a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach for children with behavioral or mental health challenges living at home. Offering child psychiatry, behavioral psychology, behavior analysis, case management and individual and family therapy, the clinic seeks to provide most of what a child needs under one roof. The clinic accepts referrals from the community and also provides follow-up services to continue the plan of care for children who have been served in the Developmental Disorders Program’s more intensive hospital or day treatment programs.

Our goal is to provide a behavioral health home where families feel understood and supported as they help their children achieve their greatest potential.

CADD Day Treatment

Our Day Treatment Program provides integrated, intensive services for children and adolescents who are not succeeding in their current school setting due to emotional or behavioral challenges.

Our goal is to provide a temporary treatment program in an educational setting that prepares the child to return to his or her home school. To achieve this, we utilize an expert team of clinicians and educators, rooted in applied behavior analysis, to work with both the child and family to stabilize behaviors and enhance educational functioning across both school and home.

The Day Treatment Program serves children and adolescents 5-20 years old who live within commuting distance and are either stepping down from our hospital program or are referred from their local school setting.

Comprehensive Assessment and Individualized Treatment

Each child receives a comprehensive assessment to identify target behaviors, mental health needs and developmental challenges. The evaluation explores psychiatric, medical, family and environmental factors that may be contributing to the problems. An individualized treatment plan is then developed to enhance each child’s ability to function at the highest level. Progress is reviewed with families and treatment strategies are adjusted to meet the changing needs and growth of each child.

Discharge Planning

Preparing children and their families to function well after our intensive treatment programs is a primary focus from the first day. We work to develop the skills of parents and other providers in a child’s life, secure necessary additional services and transfer knowledge and strategies to other settings, such as the child’s home school. 

CADD Telephone Consult Service

Our telephone consult service offers rapid, same-day telephone consultation for pediatricians, psychiatrists, family physicians and nurse practitioners throughout the state. This service expands the reach of the center by offering Maine’s primary care providers a source for expert advice on the management of behavioral health challenges in children with autism and developmental disorders. Through this service, a primary care provider in Maine can receive same-day consultation with a child psychiatrist specializing in the care of the population.

SPARK: Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge

Maine Behavioral Healthcare was recently chosen as the Northern New England clinical site for the largest autism study ever undertaken in the United States. Known at the SPARK study, the goal is to enroll 50,000 people in three years to collect information and DNA for genetic analyses to further explain the causes of autism. The Developmental Disorders program at Maine Behavioral Healthcare has been chosen as the Northern New England study site responsible for recruiting any person with autism, along with their family members, in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont.

Participants can learn more and register for the study at:

The study coordinator, Laurie Raymond, is happy to talk with individuals, parents and providers about the study and can be reached at or 207-661-7620.

Click here to read the SPARK press release.

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