Department of Medical Education

Maine Medical Center (MMC) has a long, proud tradition of medical teaching, extending back to the founding of the hospital in 1874. The Maine General Hospital was the clinical facility for the Bowdoin Medical College in Portland, which produced many physicians for Maine until it closed its doors in 1921. The internship remained the only postgraduate medical program through 1949, and trained 254 physicians. Residencies in surgery and medicine were developed in the late 1940s, anesthesiology and radiology residencies in the early 1950s, pediatrics in the early 1960s, psychiatry in 1969, obstetrics and gynecology in 1975, and emergency medicine in 1996. The Family Practice program evolved from the old program in general practice in response to the need for primary care physicians in Maine. Thousands of physicians have been trained in these programs. Many now practice in Maine, thereby fulfilling one of the major goals of our education program.

Undergraduate Medical Education

Learn more about our undergraduate medical program; TUSM-MMC. 

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Graduate Medical Education

Learn more about our ACGME accredited residencies and fellowships. 

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Educating Tomorrow's Caregivers

Educating Tomorrow's Caregivers - One of the ways we bring that to life is through the Maine Track program, which is an undergraduate medical education partnership that we've built with the Tufts University School of Medicine. View to learn more.