Outpatient Psychiatry

Maine Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry offers outpatient services for all ages.

One phone call.... that's all it takes to get the help you deserve.

Call (207) 761-6644 or Toll Free (866) 857-6644, Press 2 for outpatient and then choose option 2 for Maine Medical Center Services.

Referral Process

Our dedicated staff is available to offer free and confidential information and referral to our comprehensive range of mental health programs. These include:

  • Geriatric Outpatient services for older adults
  • Child and Adolescent services
  • Outpatient assessment for persons of all ages (rapid access appointments available for youth)
  • Medication management
  • Individual, Family and Group Therapy for persons of all ages
  • One-time psychiatric consultation for persons of all ages
  • Partial-day hospital for adults
  • Intensive outpatient services for adults

For Future Patients

For a person wishing to seek services, or for a parent or guardian referring a child, you must call the Outpatient Referral Center at (207) 761-6644, select option 2, and select option 2 again. The information that you will need is the patient's name, date of birth, insurance information, and basic demographics, i.e. what county the child resides in. The Outpatient Referral Coordinator will do a basic intake over the phone asking a series of questions including current behavioral or emotional issue, and what you hope to achieve through our services. Once this brief intake is completed you will be transferred to our registration department where you will receive your first appointment. First appointment times may vary depending on demand, however most occur within two weeks. Please remember to come early, bring your insurance card and co-pay, and any information you have regarding past testing and other therapists you have seen, case managers, etc. The more information we have, the more we can help you!

For Physicians

The Outpatient Consult service is provided only to physicians as a one-time only appointment, referred by a physician to a physician. For this service, please download and complete the Outpatient Referral Form. A physician must complete the form, but can be requested by the patient or caretaker to be sent to a primary care physician or other referring physician.


Clinic Standards

All MMC Psychiatry Outpatient Divisions follow the Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services of the Maine Department of Behavioral and Developmental Services. A licensed physician supervises all staff, reviews your treatment, and may meet with you.

You will receive a summary of your rights at your first appointment. A complete copy is available upon request. You will also receive Notice of Privacy Practices. Please review the material and ask your provider any questions you may have.

Grievance Procedure

If you feel your rights have been violated, you or your representative may file a grievance as follows:

  • Discuss the problem with your provider, who will attempt to resolve the issue with you.
  • If it is not resolved, your provider will explain the formal grievance process. This includes your right to be assisted by your personal representative and/or the Office of Advocacy.


The Department of Psychiatry follows State and Federal (HIPAA) guidelines on confidentiality for mental health and chemical dependency services. No information about your treatment can be shared without your consent, except in a few circumstances explained in the Patient Rights and Privacy Practices disclosures. A description of these guidelines is found in the copy of your Rights and Privacy Practices. If you have questions about confidentiality obligations or limitations, please discuss them with your provider of services.

Medication Refills

You are responsible for keeping track of when your medications are about to run out. Check to see if you have a refill on the prescription before calling the office. If your medication will run out before your next appointment call the office at (207) 662-2229 and leave your name, date of birth, medication to be refilled and the pharmacy that you use. If necessary, you will be scheduled into the next available Open Access and / or doctor appointment time. Advance calls and 48 hours lead time are required for completing any refill request.


If you are having difficulty and need to speak with someone prior to your next scheduled appointment:

  • Try to reach your provider at the office where you are seen
  • If your provider is not available, make sure the office secretary knows you need to speak with someone as soon as possible
  • If you have a need to speak with someone after normal business hours call (207) 662-2221 and follow the phone prompts
  • Other steps to follow can be worked out between you and your treating clinician

Storm Policy

Our office is open even when school has been canceled due to severe weather conditions. We will try to notify you if your provider cannot keep your appointment. If you are unsure if the office is open please call before coming to your appointment.


Upon your request, our Patient Accounts Office will provide you with a list of fees for the services you or your family member have received. For your convenience, we also provide Financial Counselors to help you determine how to pay your bills. The patient or their legal representative is responsible for all fees incurred for treatment at Maine Medical Center. We must receive complete and accurate information in order to determine your financial obligation and to properly bill your insurer. Please notify us if you have a change in your insurance or other information at check-in.

Bills and Co-Payment

Co-payments are due when you check in for your appointment. If you do not make three consecutive co-payments, the office staff will review your status with your provider before another appointment is made. You will receive a statement at the end of each month listing the charges for the services you received. Payments are due within 30 days of receipt of the bill, unless other arrangements have been made.